Why negotiating skills are important in your career

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why negotiating skills are important in your career

Negotiating skills are as old as the human beings itself.

Men are known to use negotiating skills in every aspect of their lives.

If you look at life itself, you would find yourself negotiating certain terms even with your wife. When you talk about career, there are millions of incidents which prove that negotiating skills has made a difference in many aspirants’ career.

Why do negotiating skills are considered so essential in today’s world? Is it the competition for places in the company’s hierarchy or, is it something else that makes these skills significant?

The companies all across like people who can make things happen. The people who perform are  one company looks out for. The performers are the one who negotiate well in life.

The best examples of the need of negotiating skills could be found in the foreign office of the country and the high commissioner’s office. Those with savvy negotiating skills are given the hot diplomat’s seat. They are the ones who are supposed to bargain a deal.

Likewise, negotiating a deal also plays a crucial part in the field of marketing and sales.

The big projects at a high level are won by skilled negotiators. They are the ones who talk through and win.

What does then a negotiator do?

The most significant traits of a good negotiator is the ability to have strong interpersonal skills. He should be able to sustain good relations in his place of work.

It’s not just about you and your work. It’s also about others and what they want. The best negotiators are the one who squeeze a deal both ways, which satisfies both parties.

In other words, a negotiator needs to find ways to make things work but at the cost of not offending others. That’s the hallmark of a good negotiator.

He should always be flexible in his approach and must be able to make adjustments on the spot.

Negotiation also means making sides come to a conclusion. The best example was the ceasefire agreement, which was brokered by Norway, between LTTE and Sri Lanka.

The negotiating skills of Norway’s diplomatic team pushed both parties to the negotiation table, and finally brought them to settle for a ceasefire.

Though, the ceasefire agreement later broke off is a different issue altogether.

As an aspiring negotiator, you also need to have negotiation skills to work your way up the ladder of success, in your office, or in your business.

To understand the given situation, and also to understand the mentality and perspective of the parties involved, a skilful negotiator will always find solutions for everybody involved.

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