Write for us

Write for us

Finance and Career magazine is a PR-4 website (Page Rank 4).
If you want to write for us, contact rajiv@financemagazineonline.com, or send the article at the mentioned address.

However, you are advised to go through the link below before you send your request.


Posting guidelines:

1.Submit the article in word file, preferably doc, or docx.
2.The article should be at least 400 words.
3.The submitted article should be original and not published anywhere before.
4.We do not accept links in the content.
5.All articles accepted for publication will be attached with an author’s bio, which contains one link to your website or personal portfolio.
6.The articles should be related to finance or career.
7.Please ensure that content remain free of grammatical and sentence construction errors.  

8.Articles once published will not be removed. Don’t request for the removal of your articles once published. 
9.Articles Author's bio or links will not be changed once published. Don’t request for a change in the published articles Author's bio or links.

10.If you submit a picture, please give proper credit with a back-link.
11.Go through many pages from the blog and understand the needs of the blog. Do not write articles already present in the blog.
12.We do not pay for the post.

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