What should you do if you had lost your job

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What should you do if you had lost your job

The debate has gained momentum ever since the threat of recession had spread through the industries.

There had been repeated layoffs, and industries got rid of excess staff at the very next opportunity.

Those who lost their jobs found themselves suddenly in doldrums as they faced cash crunch.

The effects of recession have been such that placement agencies saw a surge of unemployed people knocking at their doors.

What should you do if you had lost your job? Would you need rest for a while before you again start looking for a job?

There are few of them who refuse to believe that they had lost their jobs, and do strange things. These are the people who land themselves a job again at the earliest.

The positive people, as they are called so because they keep their minds positive even in the most trying circumstances. They refuse to budge and never change their daily routine.

What does this positive bunch of people do?

A senior level executive after being fired began a rare fight. The very next morning was no different to him. He woke up and wore a plush suit as he would be doing normally. He put all his files in his briefcase, went to his study, opened his laptop and started browsing the net. He looked for job vacancies.

He followed the routine for three months but couldn’t find a vacancy. He still persisted with the same 9 to 5 routine, searched for jobs, tried to fix up an interview, till he found one.

The experts say that if you had lost a job, never believe that you had lost your job. Finding a job is the biggest job, if you had lost one.

The task to find a job again requires a high level of intensity. If you feel depressed, or get lazy to try to find a job again, then your chances of finding a job sooner will be thrown out of the window.

Hence, drive and look out for new avenues. You may also use these situations to find work of different skills. The skills that you had, but you were never able to use them as you were already engaged with a job. Trying your hand at something in which you were always interested could be a good change that could work for you.

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