Why office goers should dress properly

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why office goers should dress properly

Dresses play a very important part in shaping our career. Dresses dictate certain aspects of your character.
If you notice a carefully dressed person, you would find that he exudes confidence; the person intends to communicate a lot through his dresses.

Most important of all, he attracts attention and has a certain aura about himself.
The question, however remains, how dresses impact others.

• Imagine a scenario when an entrepreneur walks to a shopping mall with a shabby looking dress, and he encounters a potential client.

Would you think he would be able to talk through to a deal with his careless dressed approach?

Chances are that even if he met his client on his way on off Sundays, he is likely to avoid him for the fear of losing his potential client.

The impression one creates during the first meeting is the most striking element when you negotiate a deal. Be it a sale negotiation, or perhaps an interview for a job.

Dress properly, as it is the first step to success in the business world.

• Business management gurus stress the importance of proper dresses.

Sitting at a board meeting with a proper suit and clothing would spell success. You are in a better position to talk your way through your point of view.

Proper dresses during business management board meetings make you more likely to be accepted by your peers. You gain credibility with your proper dress approach.

• Important positions in a company hierarchy fall on the lap of those who are well dressed.

When you have two persons with equal set of quality, then you are likely to see the person with a proper dress approach getting selected over a shabbily or mediocre dressed person.

• Remember, best dressed person should always take into account the color combination when they wear a dress.

A black or a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt and a red tie is considered as the best office dress in any office set up.

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