How gadgets can help you look busy in the office

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How gadgets can help you look busy in the office

Everyone who works in the office can get tired working hard over a period of time. Yet, there’s no respite, they have to continue working hard to keep the image intact. No one likes to get reprimanded for not paying enough attention to their daily chores in the office. In spite of all the engaging responsibilities one has in the office, many still finds a way to skip their work and find leisure time amidst hectic schedule.

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In the older times, when there was no gadget around, employees would do strange things to take it easy. Some would hide a gripping novel under their desk and squeeze few pages in between, and they would be extremely cautious not to let others see them. Times have changed though, and with the advent of gadgets, employees can make their life less difficult and more enjoyable. 

Don’t communicate verbally in your office

Offices usually have a strict code of conduct. Managers don’t want their subordinates to indulge in gossiping. They are of the view that if you talk during office hours, then when will you work. You are not paid to gossip over some silly matters, but you are supposed to perform. 

However, sometimes weariness might step in if you had worked strenuously over a period, and a break is required. Or else, you want to share the story about your new found love with your colleague who is sitting next to you. Though, you can’t talk about it verbally, you can surely use your computer chat program to gossip. Open your Gmail chat, or get on with Skype and gossip as long as you want without using the voice and video option. No one will suspect you. It gives the impression that you are attending an indispensable work program. 

Get the best out of your computer screen

I have met many older people who have often said that they miss the modern facilities of a computer. They say that they find their grandsons and granddaughters behind computer monitors quite busy with their studies. One balmy morning, they found that these children pretend to study, but do something else on the screen, and they wish they could have done much better, had these gadgets were around during their time. They are right.

Keep your mailbox open during office hours, at least it gives the impression that you are onto something. In the meantime, you can use a Kindle reader, to read your preferred book. And if you can do that successfully, your time at the office becomes much more entertaining. The real value these gadgets offer is its ability to surprise everyone. Don’t forget to gaze at the screen in between, and move the cursor around, or else, the computer might fall off to sleep. Even if you are caught with the kindle reader, you can jolly well sign off by saying that you are researching a very valuable chapter.

Put your IPad to best use

There was a time I wondered what makes Apple charge such a colossal amount for a tiny IPad. It didn’t make any sense to me then, but now it certainly does. Put all the features the gadget has listed in its manual aside. Have you ever seen a person using an IPad along with his Laptop in the office? I had seen many of them. It looks funky from a distance. Such hidden features of an IPad make it so expensive. 

What do you think these guys are doing with these two gadgets simultaneously? And that too in a place like office.  They might look terribly busy, but there are fair chances that at least some of them are definitely playing games on the IPad, or perhaps shopping for their spouse, or loved ones.  Most of these bunches of so called trendsetters are fooling around; the best they are doing is making a fool of everyone, and making scorn of their bosses. But that’s what these gadgets can actually do for you. And if you can make the most out of it, then there’s nothing wrong in it.

What do mobile phones can do for you?

Using mobile phones to speak with someone is considered a taboo in the workplace, but that doesn’t deter you from using mobile phones in other areas. Sending and receiving SMS from friends is a fantastic way to pass your time in the office, without making it obvious, especially at a time, when networking phone companies are offering free SMS bonanza every now and then. Typing closely at your phone gives an impression that you might be in for something very important. Little do the onlookers know that you are sending and receiving jokes, and making merry in the office. 


There is something special about these silly small gadgets, such as mini laptop, IPad and mobile phones. Even just by carrying it, you throw the impression around that you are a busy person. For all the attractive features it may have, these gadgets certainly make the workplace a lot more enjoyable, and less productive at times. Mind you, some of the gadgets have made us lazier. And if the trend continues for some time, very soon, offices will have a taboo on carrying any kind of gadgets, especially the pocket and mini gadgets.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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