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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Microsoft DFS Namespace Concepts Roots and Links

Microsoft’s DFS can be used to organize SMB (CiFS) file shares into a virtualized file namespace. Creating a DFS namespace decouples end user data access paths from the physical locations of the storage, providing storage administrators with considerable flexibility in managing their storage devices.

A DFS namespace consists of a DFS root, which is a special type of file share, and a collection of links, which are paths that resolve to the DFS root. A DFS link redirects the DFS client to the physical location of the storage. The DFS client is included in the Windows codebase and it automatically runs on a user’s system whenever it accesses a DFS namespace.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Getting Employed in the UAE Finance Sector Easy To Nail

Today, the UAE stands with numerous career opportunities knocking at the doors of those who’re talented and hold the right skills to excel. Not only does it withhold a plethora of job opportunities, but also harbors talent that is difficult to find elsewhere on the globe. Keeping it downright simple, be it a real estate professional or an investment banker, a civil engineer or a personnel working in the manufacturing sector, one often finds numerable opportunities to blossom in the economic sphere UAE has to offer.