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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Penny Stock Myths Busted

The popularity of trading penny stocks has gone up in recent years but they still have a bad reputation due to many market manipulators. Despite their popularity there are still many misconceptions and myths circling them. Your only obligation to your money as an investor is to get educated on every aspect of the stocks you decide to buy.

It’s Money down the Drain

The reason companies issue stocks because they need to raise money. Some companies do this in order to pay off a debt while others are newly founded or need funding to release a new product. Any kind of investment is risky because you never know all the factors that might influence the growth of a company.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Effect of RBI Rate Cut on Fixed Deposits and EMI Payments

Rate cuts usually point to a larger change in the overall banking and financial outlook of a country. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), after sticking to its guns to not alter repo rates, has finally done so, twice! As a consequence, consumers can expect real changes in borrowing and lending rates in the coming weeks and months. And, according to industry experts, the latest rate cut by RBI may not be the last one this year.

Response by different banks

Banks have been slow in reflecting the rate cuts as declared by the RBI. As of 3rd March 2015, only 3 out of 47 registered lenders in the country had declared cuts in their base rates, weeks after the first rate cut was announced by the apex bank. The banks have stuck to the line that the policy rate cuts have not resulted in a decrease in cost of funds for them, and so they have been hesitant to cut lending rates.
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