How to gain visibility in the workplace

Friday, July 8, 2011

How to gain visibility in the workplace

Once a candidate gets a job in the office, his first reaction is to impress his employer or his boss. He tries to find ways to make an impression, so that he falls in the good books of his new office immediately. Every employee seeks a chance to impress his boss, or the bosses at various levels. However, some can do it, while some may not. It is how exactly a person carries his intentions matters a lot. Being visible in office is very important. In majority of the cases, success begins its journey by the visibility that a person can extract in his office. That does not mean that he needs to do something utterly magical, or something very stupid to gain attention. He doesn’t need to be very talkative to get everyone’s attention. There are ways, and a person should stick to those and gain visibility in his workplace. 

It is important that a new employee slowly starts to know his colleagues, colleagues not just in his department, but also those who work in other departments or branches in the same company. He should be familiar with all the important hierarchy position in his company. Lunch breaks are very important period in a day, try and engage into conversation with few people and begin to expand the reach. Company functions are the best times a new employer should utilize to gain considerable visibility in the workplace.

Every company has many co-curricular events, such as social functions or committees set up for a particular assignment. Become a member of such groups and show an involvement in making events better. Make sure the ideas one give should be heard by the bosses, and counted. A person should have a very cooperative attitude and be counted as someone who is interested in the company affairs. His activity should give an impression that he is responsible and others will then always run over to him to seek even a small advice.

Never be introvert in a workplace. Introverts never rise; rather they stay in one level for ever, even if they have sufficient quality to make it to the top. Mingle with others, and always create an opportunity to let others know of any contacts that one has. Keep track of all contact lists, and gather more information on travel deals or new arrivals on the market. Try to get information on the latest technology being used in the business sector, or anything of relative importance. 

Always come across as the one who knows a lot, and has the answers to solutions. Even though, it is not possible to have answers to everything, but a person should be able to know the place where the answer is available. It is this attitude, which will make a person acceptable, and he will soon turn out to be very important in his workplace. This is where his rise will begin, if the opportunity exists. More responsibilities will come his way, and he may soon get in a very important position. Remember, being responsible counts, it is the single most important trait in any corporate sector.

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