Find the best topic for your next blog post

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Find the best topic for your next blog post

Writing a blog post can sometimes become exceedingly difficult. A writer at times has no clue on how to choose the next topic. Finding a topic is never easy, especially, while writing a blog post. Blogs these days are full of posts, and no idea is strong enough to be included as a new topic.  It‘s hard to figure out an entirely new topic. A writer should learn to make topics by using his common sense. His command also plays a vital role, which ultimately helps him in choosing a topic.

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Follow a blog’s direction 

A blog owner creates blog with specific goals in his mind. Though, he has the bigger desire to earn money out of his blog, yet, he also makes a list of smaller goals, which ultimately helps him to fulfil his prime goal. A topic that he chooses for the blog post should be related to what his aims are. A finance blog, for instance, should always have a post related to it, rather than having health post on business blog.

Many writers make a mistake of choosing any topic, which they think is right, rather than making sure that a post, fits into the blog’s theme. Writing for other blogs is certainly different from writing for one’s personal blog.  A blog owner knows his blog niche and goals. He is much better placed to include those posts, which he thinks will be best suited for his blog needs. On the other hand, the writer who wants to write for a separate blog must have an idea about the blog niche, and also on the style and the essence of the chosen blog.

It is essential to stay on a topic that is associated with the blog’s current direction. A blog that looks for modern pieces on a particular niche cannot be supplied with starter pieces. The trend of the blog’s content had to be stressed upon while choosing a topic for the blog post.  A subject that acts as an extension of knowledge adds value to the blog and enhances reputation in the reader’s market.

Topics should attract readers in general

A blogger should determine whether the theme he had chosen will, in any way attract readers. It is necessary to understand that readers only get attracted towards the blog post if it provides comprehensive information about a subject. Vaguely written topics are usually shunned by readers and will reduce the readers’ interest. A topic must connect with readers, and that is exactly what keeps the attention of the visitors intact.

A blog is all about traffic. A good blog post will lead to massive traffic. A writer should understand that blogs need traffic for its survival. A blog without any traffic is like a beautiful girl no one stares at.  A topic that attracts readers will eventually lead to the promotion of a blog. So how will the blogger know, what exactly attracts readers? A blogger should use his knowledge and experience to determine the best topic, which should be tailored to suit the reader’s interests.

Look at your competitor’s blog and steal an idea for the next topic

Many successful blog owners always go through competitor’s blogs and keep track of what’s happening around. There are times, when a writer comes cross a topic, which is perhaps, new to him. Such topics can lead to better ideas for the next blog post. A matter surely should not be the same, but certain improvisation and additions can be done to make it a totally new post.

Ideas that provide solutions are one of the best blog topics

Almost every blog visitor scouts for some new information. The browsing group is more focused on ‘how to – content’. Any content that offers advice or tips and suggestions are widely accepted. These topics are widely accepted by the web group in comparison to other topics. However, bloggers should appreciate the fact that there are already many blogs that offer the same how to – content, and; therefore, the chosen topic must deliver more light and end up  with unique how to – ideas.

Readers want new ideas, bloggers who try and rewrite the same old text with perhaps, in many cases, the same title, cannot expect to fare better in the blogosphere. Every aspect of content should have a freshness and newness in the way the issue is approached and presented to the readers. That is exactly how a matter should be formulated. The ideas embedded in contents should help readers find a solution. It should help readers to take away something from the post. A point that satisfies a reader, and fulfils his expectation is the best topic for the next blog post. A blogger is, therefore, advised to identify ideas that will promote reader’s attention for the post.

The best topic is always the most popular one

Popularity always fared better in the media; it doesn’t matter whether it is any kind of news in Radio, or Television, or for that matter in the print magazine. Popular content always gets attracted. Visitors search for contents that provide them with the most updated news. Popular topics tend to generate inherent interest in the reader’s mind. Every niche has popular ideas. A blogger must learn to obtain popular ideas, and turn it into packed content.

Some ideas are always popular, even though, it may not be entirely new. Few old ideas have remained popular over the years. Bloggers should make a list of such ideas, and create posts occasionally about them in the context of the present circumstances.

They should put effort and keep their eyes and ears open to learn new topics. Such topics may not be visible, but they can be found, if bloggers diligently look for them. In most cases, to find the best topic is just a thought away. Blogging is not just about writing, but it is also about finding ideas to write the next blog post.

Author: Rajiv Sighamony.


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Noc said...

Topic selection is the hardest part of writing.

Rajiv said...

Thanks. I hope to continue generating quality content for my readers.

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