Helium closes international operations

Monday, April 6, 2009

Helium closes international operations

Many writers may not know the truth, but the fact remains that helium.com won’t be accessed by those who remain outside United States. 

Why helium decided to close international business, is someone’s guess. 

Whatever the reasons are, freelance writing had evidently suffered due to helium’s decision. 

That doesn’t mean there is a lack of freelance writing websites in the writing market. 

Spare a thought for those existing helium users who had written thousands of articles and now find themselves unable to access their own accounts. 

It’s a shame to imagine the plight of writers who had written on helium for quite some time and now find themselves logged out of the site. 

Was it necessary for helium to close international operations? Was quality content not being delivered by international users? Did helium.com become a victim of the deteriorating economy in United States? Or, there were some other reasons that forced helium to shut down international operations. 

No one would like to believe that Helium.com will ever need to reduce international operations.
Why would it ever decide to reduce international exposure? 

Increased page views will certainly mean increase in revenue, and helium would never want to miss earnings in the long run. 

Moreover, low quality content won’t be an issue. Helium.com always delete articles that do not fit in the criteria. 

The reason undoubtedly lie somewhere else. 

One of the main reasons for helium’s sudden decision to block IP addresses of some regions would be the urgency to adhere to the outsourcing laws. 

They want to extend a hand of friendship to their countrymen in times of distress, when US economy has taken a sizeable hit. 

Helium’s decision might turn out to be beneficial for local writers, but helium should never forget that writers from all over the world had contributed to helium’s success. 

They can block international operations if they like. The site is theirs; they have every right to choose, according to their wishes. But helium.com should make payments to international writers. 

They should also make sure that future commercial revenues should be impartially split, or else helium should remove articles of those writers who can’t access helium so that articles could be submitted somewhere else. 

Helium.com should rethink their decision and once again begin their international operations. Though, this time they could take precautions not to add additional members to their fold.

Update: Helium.com had paid my payments, and I am truly thankful to them, but I still couldn't access my accounts. It's their site, they can do whatever they want, but it's sad that I can no longer submit articles on helium.com, even though many of my articles are at the top of the ranking. 

Logging me out would mean that I can no longer receive ad proceeds from my articles on the site.  
Helium should make arrangements so that at least logged out writers can earn money from the articles that have already been submitted to the site.

Final Update: Finally, Helium allowed us to remove articles and place somewhere else. Thanks you.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm from Singapore and I just tried to access Helium without a problem. Perhaps they changed their mind?

Jena Isle said...

Hello R,

Are you still able to access your account? I could not. How many , do you thinks are affected?

Jena Isle said...

By the way, you can join our entrecard community so you could expose your blog more.. and earn also in the process. Registration is totally free. I look forward to having you with us.

Finance Magazine said...

Hi Jena,
No, I can't access my account even though I won the writing contest at helium, and now I couldn't withdraw my money. there are many who got affected. It's sad.
If you are interested in writing a post, criticizing about helium, I will publish your post in my blog. let me know I will send you the link.

Anonymous said...


I had the same problem. I have asked someone who had access to open my helium account and withdraw my earnings, and he did..The problem was I have already requested payout, but they still did not send. Then I wrote a letter stating my problem, the following day, they send the money to paypal.

Don't worry, they'll pay, but you have to allow someone abroad to withdraw your earnings for you. If you won the contest, then that's too bad, you have to withdraw it through someone doing it for you.

Good luck.

Finance Magazine said...

Hi Jena,
Thank you very much for your advice and efforts you did put to answer me back. I will have to find a way out.

Any way what is entrecard community,I am interested but I couldn't find it among your blogs.

Any way Jena,if you are interested, you can write a short post about anything on my blog. I will send you the links. 50 words, 100 words any number of words. We can certainly trade information in that way.

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