Alternatives to Google Adsense

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alternatives to Google Adsense


Google Adsense is definitely the best contextual ad network on the web today. No advertisement network comes closer to what it offers for its members. It offers huge range of advertisement options, the advertisements are always closely related to the content and therefore, a site owner has more opportunities of receiving a click. There are less chances of getting a random click. One of the most amazing features of Google Adsense is the fact that they pay incredibly high click value for some advertisements. However, a site owner should understand how the Google ad network functions to take full advantage of Adsense.

Major factors why Google supersedes other ad network

The most important factor why Google is known to be more popular than others is its arrival quite long before others stepped on to the platform. Google started it, and it has got a database, which is virtually unmatched. For those who have used Adsense, very well understands how the firm has used advertisements according to the content. Though, you may have more than 2 ad blocks, yet, the advertisement never runs out. There are unique advertisements all through the content more often than not. That is what makes Google superior than the rest. It has created a market standing after a lot of hard work.

Google knows the game, and they work to perfection. More importantly, Adsense is known to protect advertisers and publishers as well. They have got a system in place, where it can identify fraud clicks, and advertisers are therefore, protected from invalid clicks, which is again a significant factor, loved keenly by advertisers. Advertisers place their trust on Adsense more and that is why it has been able to control the wide online advertisement network.

Publishers also gain a lot from Adsense. Some of the high value sites with Google Adsense have known to earn in thousands every month. It is very important how the publishers use the ad block and place it at the right place. One other reason that makes a lot of impact is the content used on sites. Quality content leads to more revenue with Adsense, rather than copied content, or badly worded content. 

One of the most striking features is the Adsense role in making online advertisements globally renowned. It is because of the initiative of Google in the beginning that other online ad networks have also gained immensely over a period of time.

Here are the lists of few prominent online advertisement networks that have challenged Google Adsense and hold a market share in the online ad industry.


Chitika comes closest to Google Adsense as its alternative. In fact, Chitika has fared better for many site owners. The most important factor, which is unique with Chitika ad network, is its high payout for a click. The ad network is basically tailored for traffic, which arrives from US and Canada. Payouts are amazingly high for such traffic, although, Chitika of late has added traffic from other countries to their fold, yet, the value for a click is low for international countries, which are other than US and Canada. 

Advantages of using Chitika

If a site has good amount of traffic from US and Canada, then the site owner is advised to use Chitika. The ad network has known to be a profitable channel for sites that have got good number of traffic from United States and Canada. It should also be noted that Chitika can be used alongside Google Adsense. There is no harm in using both ad networks on the same site. It compliments Google Adsense perfectly. 

The criteria for joining Chitika are not very difficult. A site owner will find Chitika acceptance criteria much easier than Adsense. Adsense is known to be very strict with who they choose, and why they choose. On the other hand, Chitika is a bit lenient. The only criteria they have are the ownership of domain, and the site should be good enough. It doesn’t require sites to have some strange features. A simple site with own domain name and original content, along with few pages is enough for someone to get a Chitika code.

The value for a click is generally higher for Chitika than what one will find in Adsense. The other notable feature of Chitika is its ‘Chitika select’ feature, which opens a lot of opportunity to earn. Site visitors who arrive on the site from non search terms can help site owners grab additional dollars through ‘Chitika Select’.

Disadvantages of Chitika

Chitika do not seem to bother about lesser known sites. They are good at placing ads on higher page rank site. A site with 1 page rank for instance, will not have good advertisements in compare to higher page rank sites. On the other hand, Adsense has enough advertisements for every site, irrespective of the page rank a site has.

There are no separate search blocks associated with Chitika, although, they run search related results on the same ad block at times.


Adbrite may not be very attractive in terms of what they offer. However, the most striking feature of Adbrite is its easy acceptance feature. A site owner may have a BlogSpot registration, but he can still get an Adbrite account and can post Adbrite ad block on the site. There is no need of a domain name registration, which is again a unique feature of Adbrite ad network. 

They also have a descent number of ad placements on their own network. It should be noted that Adbrite does not have a great click through rate, yet, they are consistent in offering click value. Some consider it as a very good alternative to Adsense because Adbrite unlike Chitika doesn’t limit its traffic to a particular region. They have got a wide range of advertisers from across the globe. Adbrite also has a very lenient policy and do not punish publishers as it is with Google Adsense. Though, a publisher with Adbrite is advised not to take undue advantage of Adbrite leniency. 

They also have a wide variety of ad units, which can be used throughout content. Good sites will never be short of Adbrite ads. They have got good number of advertiser’s database, and therefore, ads are always available on the sites using Adbrite ad code. It should be noted that Adbrite are not particularly contextual. Their ads may or may not match the contents of the site, which could go against the advertisement network popularity. The site owners who are new or those who have been rejected by Adsense choose Adbrite as their advertisement revenue network.


Though, Chitika and Adbrite have their own advantages, and are considered good alternatives to Adsense, but the use of Google Adsense is perhaps, more profitable, because of the wider reach of Google’s own advertiser’s database. Chitika certainly compliments Adsense in more ways than one. Since the ad block of Chitika is different than the Google’s ad network, it can be used alongside Adsense, without breaking the Adsense terms and conditions. 

However the use of Adbrite along with Adsense on the same page of a site is debatable. Adbrite’s revenue will drop drastically as soon as other ad blocks are added on the same page. Secondly, they also have a feature, where they show other ad network only when their own ads don’t fit onto the page. Therefore, the use of Adbrite alongside Adsense is not recommended.

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Hamzaali095 said...

i am using http://www. along with adsense and
my eleavers account is making more than my google adsense account

Rajiv said...

That's good. May be I should try eleavers as well.

mrmoneyguru said...

You are so right about Chitika and Adbrite. At the moment my blog is monetized with Kontera only. I am in search of an advertiser which has leatherboards.

Rajiv said...

There are many ad networks with leather boards. You should try Adsense, and if you don't have it, you can try Adbrite. Adbrite is much easier and good for beginners.

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