five ways to earn money

Thursday, January 15, 2009

five ways to earn money

1. Become an electrician

You are not required to do a mandatory training from an electrical school to become an electrician. In many countries, people pick electrical secrets by working under an electrical shop as a novice. Working for a smaller period of time makes them an expert and also helps them to earn money simultaneously.

An electrician will also be able to work as a freelancer; he may start working from a small rented room and visit houses to conduct small repair jobs. Working as an electrician is one of the reasonable ways to earn money. He could even choose to operate from his home. Putting an ad on a local search site or a local newspaper increases his chances of earning.

2. Sign up and get paid

 It is probably one of the processes that can be used to generate lots of money instantly. There are many sites on the web such as get a freelancer, Odesk and many other sites that offer plenty of opportunities to earn by signing accounts on youtube and gmail in return for a good pay.

You can earn $.50 to $5 per sign up, though it depends upon the service provider on what payments he wants to pay to the chosen programmer. You need to work hard as you would be required, at times, to open one thousand accounts in 48 hours. Signing up is the best option for someone who wants to earn without investing a single pie.

3. Get paid for submitting leads

You may own a shopping site, and possibly has everything for visitors to buy from your site. You do have hordes of affiliate programs and advertisement contents that run on your site, yet you may come across a situation when you couldn’t satisfy a customer’s request. The sought product is not available on your website.

What will you do next? Let the customer go away and find the product himself. Wait! Don’t do that, send him to InnerSell. Sell your lead to InnerSell, and you would be paid for each lead you send them. That a sure and effective way to earn as you don’t need to spend a penny. Just offer your services and stash money.

4. Get paid for writing posts

Now you would think this could be another opportunity in the category of simple writing jobs. No, for sure, this is something different; you are, in fact, paid for writing posts on your blog. How’s that possible.

Sign up on Pay per Post, and you will get advertisers queuing up for writers to write few words about their products. Pay per Post has a sizeable number of advertiser’s database who would gladly take people like you to write a paragraph or two about their products.

Simply write few words and place the written words on your own blog and get paid. You require a blog, though, to write and publish.

5. Write an e-book

Think about an idea people love to know about. Say, for example, an idea about 50 ways to earn money, which is fast and easy to get. Write an e-book on those facts and start selling on the web. If you believe selling is not your cup of tea, then don’t sell, recruit an established marketing unit to sell your e-book.

You can stash a lot of money by selling more than you could imagine, may be a few thousand copies. Let the people download the e-book on your site, or some other high traffic site. If you are still not convinced, sell through an affiliate program, and let them sell e-books on commission.

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