Why your guest post ideas get rejected by blog owners

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why your guest post ideas get rejected by blog owners

It’s much easier to write on topics that have been laid out for you, but when you have to create your own guest post idea, it becomes difficult. What might work for one blog, may not work for another one. At times, you get frustrated - you improve your own guest post topic, write an outline for it, and then wait for the approval. Finally, when the mail comes back, you find that the blog owner or the editor rejects your text for reasons, you find stupid.

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From what I have seen through my own experiences, unless you explain rationally, your topic or your opinion, no matter how good it could be, it will be thrown in the garbage. Most of the guest post ideas get rejected because the outlines have been unable to receive your point of view. Again, if you have been working with a client for a long time, it becomes somewhat easier to understand his or her tastes and dislikes, yet, it is never easy. I have scratched my head and dug my own experiences to explore the reasons for such rejections. 

No newness in the ideas 

At a time when the web is flooded with articles on numerous topics, it is even more difficult to produce a remarkable idea. What editors usually recommend is to create articles on a unique theme. The ideas may have been cocooned somewhere on the web, but have you been able to bring your own unique approach to the old debate. 

Nobody doubts that the ideas may be found somewhere else. Editors don’t believe you to be an Einstein, to discover topics from scratch every time you write, but they want topics to attract readers on a positive note, and pull out a different perspective. 

Ideas that don’t consider what is required

At times, your knowledge of the topic is not sufficient to create an article. Since you have an idea, which sounds intriguing, you may want to turn your back and write an article on it. Though, the piece might be good enough for you, but since, you are not experienced, or do not possess the qualifications to write on the topic, the idea immediately gets rejected by blog owners. 

For instance, you might be tempted to make a report on ‘how to emerge from a business failure’ but if you have not failed in business before, your article will seem flat, and without any substance. 

Ideas that do not yield values for the targeted audience

Only the blog owners know, what is best for their readers. If you have not gone through the user’s blog closely, you may not be able to evaluate the needs of the blog’s audience, and your post ideas might be rejected right way. 

Ideas that are not backed by a good query letter

It is exceedingly difficult for writers to accept the fact that query letter is essential to create an article. It took me years to understand the importance of writing a query. Editors explicitly consider it dead seriously. An editor goes on believing, “if you can’t convince me, how you can convince my blog readers”. Therefore, learn, to write a good query letter. 

Ideas that appear to be hijacked from somewhere else

Your ideas may be specific, but blog owners or editors carry a feeling that it is not, because it looks that way. You have not been able to express your ideas appropriately. When presenting ideas, your presentation skills also come to the fore.  Proper presentation of your ideas goes a long way to help your ideas get accepted.  

These are the 5 ones, essential for writers to ponder.

 Author - Rajiv Sighamony.

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