Why Kiosks had gained significance as a retail tool in the present Indian shopping scenario

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Kiosks had gained significance as a retail tool in the present Indian shopping scenario

Though, the concept of Kiosks retailing began internationally during the 90’s, it has gained prominence in India now. The potential buyers have accepted the latest trend of Kiosk retailing as it gets extremely easy for customers to choose stuff, without having to barge inside the stores and waste time choosing products. The Kiosks owners also find it easy to use as it helps them to trap passing customers on a mall, or in places where earlier it would have been difficult to sell stuff.

The advantages of Kiosk retailing

Kiosks owner prefer it, over a full sized store as it allows them to provide a comfortable outlet for customers who buys stuff instinctively. Kiosks can be installed at some mall, the location can be a choice of yours, and you can also rearrange the kiosks if you wish to change the location.

The owners save rents on space while the customers buy things without having to find them. In India, kiosks have gained prominence, in many junctions, especially in train stations. The reason why kiosks had grown in the country is probably due to its large population. Trains are the major transportation means to travel long destinations. Large number of people loves to shop while travelling. That explains why kiosks are found in every train stations across the country. It has also become a source of livelihood for a large number of people.

However, lately, apart from locals who use kiosks as a kind of unorganised retail tool, leading firms have also stepped up, and shown interest in kiosks retailing. The best examples of Kiosk retailing in Indian shopping scene are Reliance money, Candico, Kaya skin clinic, Lakme and a few fruit juice brand such as Mr. Orange. It shows that this new retail form of selling is here to stay.


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