How to become a good boss

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to become a good boss

It’s hard to become a good boss, primarily because it is extremely difficult to satisfy every employee under your authority. Every boss was once an employee who worked under a boss, and therefore, he knows better what a subordinate expects from his boss.

The best way to become a good boss is to learn from your past experiences. Your experience of being a subordinate in an organization, and the way you had thought about a particular situation, when your boss committed a mistake, leads to make you a better Boss.

These experiences lead you to become a good boss, and also help you to look from your subordinate’s perspective.

Here are few steps you could take, which will help you to become a good boss.

• A boss is not a cadre. But rather a person of authority who has the power to entrust responsibilities to those working under him.

A good boss should allot work to his subordinates, and also teach them to complete the job given in their hands. This is the first sign of a good boss.

• As a boss, you should never wear the attitude of a boss. It could be very detrimental to your career. Good boss knows the value of collecting opinions, and then making a choice. A good boss should also have an attitude of being acceptable. The more acceptable you are it is likely that you would command more respect.

• Knowing the ability of those working under you is very vital. A good boss should have the foresight to understand the capacity of every individual, what each individual can do, and then allot work according to his capability.

• If you ever try and take credit for your team’s success, you would straight away go to the bad books. A good boss always give due credit to the team.

• Lastly, never criticize openly, but try and protect your subordinate’s sentiment. Do it in private.

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