2 best cheap cities to retire in US

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 best cheap cities to retire in US

If you are mulling over ‘after retirement’ plans, then there are number of places in US, where you may decide to take shelter.

United states have some of the most blissful places for retirement individuals. Whether you are single, or a couple, you would find cities in US, which would fascinate you.

Here are the names of 2 best after retirement cities in US.

Lexington is probably the best city, with its beautiful country side views, and lovely restaurants. One of the remarkable features of Lexington is the University of Kentucky.

The university offers free classes to those who are above 65 years of age. As a retiree, you may choose to sit in the university classrooms and enhance your knowledge.

Another striking feature of the city is the equestrian sports in Lexington. For someone who love equestrian sports, you are likely to have plenty of fun.

You would be able to purchase homes for $1, 50,000.

Prescott is also a very popular location for retirees in US. The city is stationed at 5,400 feet, and you would find the climate ideal for retirees. Prescott is also one of the affordable places in the state of Arizona, and has a good mix of entertainment zones, such as golf courses.

The presence of Prescott national forest makes the surroundings even more special.
The atmosphere is such that it takes you back to the golden cowboy days. The saloons in the city just keep the cowboy atmosphere alive.

A retiree could also choose to take classes in the Yavapai College. The cost of homes is not too steep. The normal home prices are approximately around $2, 50,000.

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