5 ways to make your credit score look better

Monday, September 27, 2010

5 ways to make your credit score look better

Everyone loves to have a good Credit score. It helps when you have a good credit score; you are likely to get a good rating, which eventually puts you in a better position to get loans.

Everyone knows basic ways to increase credit score, but few people actually follow each and every step in a diligent manner.

Here are 5 significant ways which would help you grab good credit scores.

• Don’t keep high outstanding balance in your credit card. Keeping high outstanding balance in your credit cards would give a wrong impression of your financial conduct to the banks, and they would find reasons to put you off.

• If you have paid your credits on time, and find discrepancies on your credit card report, make sure you inform the card authorities, and do the needful corrections.

• Never forget using your old credit cards. Old credit cards when not used for a long time may result in bad credit scores, as credit card firms would not submit your credit information to credit bureau.

• Many delay paying fines to the collection centers. Your negligence in paying up fines would result in a bad credit score.

• It’s important to remember that banks closely follow your consistency in using credit cards. If you have a habit of acquiring credit cards, just for the sake of availing discounts, and close it down after pocketing discounts, then you may get a bad name for yourself and a bad credit score.

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