5 types of Bosses you would love to know

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 types of Bosses you would love to know

Bosses, at times could make or break your career.

Some say, don’t ever play with your bosses mood. Bosses can be irritating at times, and yet, you are left with no choice but to follow your bosses’ advice.

What type of bosses you prefer?

Here are 5 types of bosses which you normally see around in the corporate arena.

• There is no dearth of screaming bosses, who would speak at the top of their voices, and believe that it is the only way forward to get the job done.

They are the most hated bosses around, and they show little respect for even the senior employees in the firm.

How would you get along with such angry types?

Simply, get into his good books and hope that he doesn’t get angry too often.

Power wielding boss are those who think that power alone would help him move forward in life.

He takes great pleasure in showing off his power, perhaps more with his actions, than his words.

His body language would let others know that he is the boss.

Those are the types who may be very lenient with their employees. You may miss deadlines, and yet you may get away simply by not making him aware of your missed deadlines.

Such bosses are self centric, too busy with themselves to pay enough attention in the office schedules.

The threatening boss is one, who believes in threatening his employees, and make sure that he often carries his threatening command to instill fear among his employees.

A threatening boss is very insecure, and therefore, tries to bring situation under control by issuing threatening commands.

He is uncompromising, and lack man management skills.

Fickle boss is one of the bosses who keep the attitude of the busiest person in the organization.

He is busy for nothing, and do not take note of the finer details of the organization in which he is working.

He won’t give ear to your grievances, and if he listens to them, he would forget all about what you said in couple of hours.

The influential boss is the one who is most efficient, but since he knows he is efficient, he keeps himself motivated enough.

He would make people perform to their limits.

Those are the types who have been very successful in the sales and marketing sector in corporate sectors. However, there’s one hitch, they are highly ambitious and smell success coming their way.

They could harm others when someone doesn’t fit into their scheme of things.

Such bosses manipulate situations to get across in front, and highlight their achievements in order to grab promotions.

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