Are jobseekers safe from social networking websites

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are jobseekers safe from social networking websites

In a world dominated by facebook, and linked in, or even twitter, it’s hard to get away from the prying eyes of anyone. Social networking sites, such as the highly popular facebook may be a curse from an employment perspective.

Facebook curse

Employers these days would not just look at your resume, but also peep through your facebook profile to know more about you. There has been increasing number of instances, when employers have decided against hiring a person, at the last minute, after reviewing the candidate’s facebook profile.

Though, you had prepared thoroughly for your interview, and in fact did well enough to clear your interview.

You are perhaps, hoping for a call any time sooner, but then the company shuts its door on you. The same incident gets repeated in your next interview process. Your confidence gets shattered, even though, you know you had been a lot better than the person, who got selected instead of you.

What went wrong?

Career consultants these days have been training job seekers to manage their social networking profile a little better.

Pictures of you sitting on a table top with your legs above your head may find you out of the job, if the hiring company thinks of you as a joker. Pictures that depict you as little funny, such as carrying two bottles of beer, and drinking one of them could hamper your chance of getting on board. The hiring company would think of you as an alcoholic who would finish all the bottles of liquor in a company’s weekend cocktail party.

Try not to post pictures of you, which you think would destroy your chances of getting hired.

Beware of search engines

Web identity could be a make or break scenario for any job seeker these days, especially, if you had been seeking jobs for higher positions.

Though, hiring managers won’t bother to waste time looking at your profile on internet, if you are seeking a low position job, but higher position jobs would certainly make a hiring manager go through your web identity.

Cases of bad credit, or some information, you feel is detrimental, though, not entirely related, or anything to do with jobs, could make the hiring manager not choose you.

It’s highly possible that search engines may play a part in a job recruitment process. You are therefore, advised to project yourself on web in the best possible manner.

Criminal background checks too, play a vital role in job recruitment process.

Obviously, you won’t be able to change any information, which has been already posted on internet, but you would be able to add enough positive information to change the opinion of the hiring managers.

Career consultants are putting special efforts to make job seekers understand the significance of web identity in modern times. Adjust your profile a little better and learn how to grab your dream job.

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