5 Hot tips on facing telephone interview

Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Hot tips on facing telephone interview

Many young job seekers feel telephonic interviews to be very different. The fact that the candidate doesn’t have to face the interviewer face to face, would led him to believe that it’s different.

Many job-seekers also take it very casually; they would resort to use informal terms and ways to face the interviewer on the phone.

A job seeker should realize that facing telephone interviews could be very demanding, and more difficult because you have to express yourself wisely, as you would want the interviewer to believe each word of yours.

Remember, the interviewer is not looking at your face. Ideally, speaking your ability to communicate would come to the fore, and should reflect your persona.

Telephonic interviews could be very challenging, at times. You need to be extremely cautious and alert at what you hear.

Here are 5 hot tips on facing telephone interview.

• Be prepared to face any questions. Make a list of possible questions you feel you may be asked. Jot it down on paper. Pen important points for each of the questions listed and rehearse them, so that you find it easier to answer them at the most crucial hour.

Take your telephone interviews seriously, and make sure that you have two sets of papers with you.

The first is the resume, and second is the possible list of questions you think, you may have to answer, along with important answer points.

• It’s important to use top notch phone while facing an interview. Avoid a mobile phone, if possible. Networking hassles may hamper your telephonic interviews. You are advised to use a land line phone, so that you face a good voice quality phone interviews.

• Never laugh when you face an interviewer during telephonic interviews. Laughing during interviews could be detrimental to your chances of getting a job.

The catch is you must take your telephonic interviews seriously, as you would take a face to face interview.

• Don’t cry during a telephonic interview.

• Finally, you should listen to the questions thrown at you, very clearly. Avoid asking twice; your attention prowess would be questioned, which is not a good sign.

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