5 Common etiquette mistakes could throw you out of your work

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Common etiquette mistakes could throw you out of your work

Etiquette help others judge you as a person. Etiquette let others know about how a person shapes himself in a given situation.

It also tells a lot about the values a person has inculcated during his growing up years.

Some firms have known to place a lot of emphasis on etiquette. Bad manners could keep you out of positions of utmost authority. Management shuns people who seem to have no knowledge of how to behave in public.

Manners, however, is one of the significant criteria, which decides your professional future. It also sets career tone of how far you may reach professionally.

Here are 5 common etiquette mistakes to avoid.

• To complain about your own job, could be detrimental. Employees who are accustomed to criticize their own job profile, and show resentment at the assignment given to them may soon find themselves out of the company’s payroll.

Management hates those who seem to have developed a habit of remaining dissatisfied.

• Have you ever tried to look for another job opening while you are still working for a firm? Many often do try to look for openings and try to seize opportunities that come their way.

As long as you get away with it, it is considered fine, but when management comes to know of your initiatives, you may be shown the door.

• Browsing through websites, which do not fall in your work domain, is considered a bad etiquette, and if caught, you may have to pay for it.

• Try avoiding drinking too much in company sponsored parties. Many employees seem to be thirsty for drinks, and take it out in their company sponsored parties.

Such persons are considered as a burden for the company, and management would love to tick you off from its payroll.

• Sick people are considered a bad omen in the office. Many employees turn up to their offices sick and tired. You should refrain from coming to the office, when you are sick.

Stay at home, get well, and then join office.

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