Facebook announces its shutdown - is it true?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook announces its shutdown - is it true?


Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is going to shut down Facebook in the month of March. The news had come as a shocker to many of the facebook users who have made facebook their second home.

Some of the users spend almost 12 hours on the site, chatting with friends, connecting and sharing their world and even making new friends.

But why would Mark take such a hasty decision, when facebook is doing so well. The site is reported to be valued at around $8 billion. Mark Zuckerberg says that he has become tired of maintaining the site.

The news have originated from a weekly world news.

It’s not easy to maintain a site, which is considered as the most trafficked site after Google. The technical department of Facebook has issued a statement asking its users to remove all the items which they want to, before the deadline date of March 15th.

Facebook users won’t be able to use the site again, after March 15th.

Many parents around the globe might well be satisfied with the facebook closure, but the long list of users would certainly find difficult to live without the most popular social networking site.

According to Mark Zuckerberg,” the stress of maintaining the site had taken toll on him”. He wants to put facebook to rest to the embarrassment of millions of facebook users.

Now, it seems that facebook users may well have to find an alternative if facebook closure reports are found true, which is highly unlikely.

Note: a call had been put to Facebook office, and they have said that facebook closure reports are not true.

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