Leadership skill requirement as per Global leaders

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Leadership skill requirement as per Global leaders

A lot of research is carried out each year on the requirements of the new global leader and the new set of skills as well as the experiences necessary to prepare people to take on this challenge. Many believe that the most important aspect of effective global leadership is not necessarily acquiring a new set of skills or experiences, but instead a fresh perspective called a global mindset. 

Sadly, many organizations have few candidates for overseas assignments, no information about those in the firm who aspire to such opportunities, no clear understanding of the competencies required for such assignments, and little interest being expressed by younger internal managers in becoming global leaders. This has given rise to many global leadership programs at various universities that offer a one year MBA program specializing in leadership or allied fields of study. 

With changing market regulation and the advent of new technologies, nontraditional business models have responded by blurring corporate borders as cross linked ecosystems of suppliers, producers, and customers have emerged. Bigger, more complex companies are developing new tools to run and manage them and improved technology and statistical-control tools have given rise to new management approaches that have broken global barriers. 

Scientific management is moving from a skill that creates competitive advantage to an ante that gives companies the right to play the game. A leadership program in India can equip today's business leaders with adopting algorithmic decision-making techniques and using highly sophisticated software to run their organizations. 

Some of the important skills needed to become a global leader are: 

·         Thinking globally
·         Appreciating cultural diversity
·         Developing technological savvy
·         Building partnerships and alliances
·         Sharing leadership

Perhaps the most important thing a global leader can do, is to learn from experience, whether this involves participation in task forces or start-ups, or interaction with bosses, peers and mentors. They can also proactively learn the language and customs of the countries they experience, participate in many diverse meetings, communicate with a diverse group of business leaders, and immerse themselves in other cultures by living there or frequently visiting.

Global executives must learn their trade the same as other executives do, but also take much more responsibility for their own development. The key thing to remember is that the quest for a global mindset should never end. The complex and dynamic world in which we live provides unlimited opportunities for exploring the many linkages across our wide world of diversity. 

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