MBAs Career path

Thursday, October 11, 2012

MBAs Career path

MBAs are among the most sought-after graduates and professionals in the country. With a wide variety of specializations, the kind of work that can be done by them perforates to almost all walks of businesses. An MBA graduate has the required skills to work in any business related field. The career path available to an MBA graduate, therefore, is spread throughout the market. Work experience, specialization, interpersonal skills are the main components that decide the lucrative nature of the opportunities lying ahead.

Careers for MBAs are usually segregated into the fields discussed below.

·         Executive positions: MBA courses have always been considered the golden ticket to executive or 'c-level' jobs. The hierarchy of a company ends with these positions and so, executives are the best paid professionals in the corporate world. Getting an MBA gives a leg-up to candidates vying for these lucrative positions.

·         Accountants: Accounts are also a major employment avenue for a MBA graduate. They deal with the maintenance, preparation and auditing of finances of various clients. Becoming an accountant also requires getting certified by a concerned authority.

·         Management consultant: This is one of the most commonly chosen career path by fresh MBA graduates. Consultants are required to analyze and provide solutions to companies to better performance, and ultimately, returns. Companies usually hire consultants when they have an objective goal or need people with expertise and specialized training.

·         Marketing manager: MBA's in marketing is another common employment choice for graduates. The job description involves mapping consumer behaviours and patterns, realizing what service or product suits them the most and development of strategy to sell products to consumers. The net effort of these MBA's is directed towards attracting and keeping customers.

·         Business analyst: Business analysts have different jobs in different businesses. They may be asked to provide integrated IT solutions with business models or deal with the interaction and organizational designs of the company. Their chief criteria are to give solutions for various needs of the business.

·         Public relations: People in the public relations department deal with the interaction of the organization with the public or its consumer base. The job profile includes talking with consumers, organizing conferences, using social media, or interacting with the media.

·         Human resources: Human resources deal with the managing of employees in an organization. Overseeing the work of hundreds of employees in a vast organization has its challenges and so, MBA graduates specializing in human resources are highly sought after by organizations.

These are just some of the options available and are amongst the preferred choices. With an MBA degree in your kitty, a lot of other alternatives open up. You can even go ahead and start your own organization; with the skills acquired during the course, this has a very good probability of succeeding. Other options include working for green firms, non-profit organizations or as freelancers.

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