Top 10 MBA fields to choose from

Friday, December 2, 2016

Top 10 MBA fields to choose from

Planning to do a one year MBA? Wondering what specialization would be the ideal choice for you? In the second year of an MBA, candidates are required to choose one specialization from the variety of specializations available. Here are the top 10 different types of MBA courses to choose from:

1.       Finance

An MBA in finance will train you in various subjects, such as costing, management accounting and control, budgeting, international finance, banking, privatization, capital management, etc. Highly sought after and indispensable to most organizations, this is a no-brainer if you’re cut out for it.  

2.       General Management/Strategy

Many MBAs allow you to specialize in general management or strategy and this is quite a popular option too. A bit of everything and designed to create strategic thinkers is what an MBA in strategy is about. These programs are designed for individuals wanting a broad, yet in-depth overview of business topics, enabling them to enter into any number of management roles.

3.       Marketing

Another extremely conventional specialization, marketing, like finance is for those who have a knack for it and preferably, prior experience of a marketing related job. This specialization can help accelerate entry and progress in some of the most competitive fields: marketing, advertising and public relations. 

4.       Entrepreneurship

The new entrant to the scene and all the rage right now – specializing in Entrepreneurship. This is intended for those who have decided to start up or join one once the course is complete.   

5.       International Management/Business

If you wish to become a part of an MNC or get a consulting job that requires interacting and consolidating different global markets, an MBA in international management is a good specialization to opt for. This MBA specialization provides an in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations, including specialized functions such as international marketing, finance etc.   

6.       Industry/Operations

Quite a niche specialization and ideal for those who wish to advance their careers in operations or make a career shift towards operations. A good alternative if it fits the bill. An MBA in operations teaches how to deal with production management or shop floor management. An operations management MBA specialization will give insight into products, services and supply chains are designed and managed.    
7.       Information Systems/IT/Technology

This is an ideal choice for those with a bachelor’s degree in IT and are looking for a career in IT as well but in a managerial role. Specializing in IT can lead to professional positions in areas such as client/server or web applications development, systems analysis and network administration. 

8.       Health Care Management

Another great niche field that is a great area for further study and specialization if you have a background in pharmacy or medicine but do not wish to practice full time and are more interested in the business side of things.  

9.       Accounting

An accounting MBA will be geared towards jobs in business accounting administration. You will gain the skills to become an accountant, financial manager, auditors, and more. An MBA program specializing in accounting will provide in-depth knowledge that can help find a senior level management positions in different sectors.

10.   Human Resources

Another traditional MBA specialization, human resources is never going to go out of demand! An MBA in HR management is for those wanting to develop a management career in HR and strategy. It teaches you the kind of skills managers need in order to bring in and retain a strong workforce, from initial recruitment to the effective training and development of employees. 

There are various executive MBA programs in India that are worth considering as well if you don’t want the traditional MBA program. Either way, what specialization you select will be a critical decision.

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