Industry Expectations from an MBA fresher

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Industry Expectations from an MBA fresher

One must be wondering why these rich corporate employers are so desperate to hire an MBA graduate, they offer the individual a very hefty salary package and give him the best managerial role available in the office. MBA graduates are hired by top-notch mighty corporations through campus placements, these organizations offer the best remuneration along with other incentives. 

So what does an MBA institute teach their students and what do these corporate biggies expect out of the graduates that they are ready to go all out for the right match? Let’s try to rationalize from the corporate employer’s perspective – 

Market changing trends 

Any corporate office will have several experienced professionals, but a recently graduated MBA employee will have a different outlook towards work. No, it’s not in a bad way, the market is ever-changing and a fresh employee will have abundant knowledge about the latest and fast-paced technology and market trends. Based on the knowledge he will be able to make quick decisions and consume less amount of time. ‘Time’ for MNCs is a privilege, in this competitive market if you lose on time then you also begin to lose on millions each passing minute. 

Leadership quality 

Today several reputed educational institutions inculcate a leadership program along with their one year MBA program. These programs teach the student on how to become a leader, not just a manager. It involves psychological and physiological teachings because MNCs these days expect an MBA alumna to be on-his-toes immediately after he graduates. They expect him to make quick decisions, handle major responsibilities and also be a leader to the entire project team. Such high expectations can only be matched if the candidate is given prior training about these prerequisites.

There are several other minor expectations that a company will lookout for, but the aforementioned pointers are the primary ones. Majorly these skills are developed by work experience and hence several candidates before enrolling for an MBA course work in an MNC and then join a 1 year executive MBA in India. What this 1 year full-time MBA in India course does is augment the inner leader in you and teach you how to surpass the expectations of the MNC. So, the best way to approach this is by gaining some years of work experience and then pursuing an executive MBA.

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