10 blogging initiatives for the year 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 blogging initiatives for the year 2014

I had been blogging for quite some time, and every year, I have noticed that the blogging trend changes, though, not drastically, yet there’s a change. It’s there for all of us to experience. In the beginning when it all started, the blogs spelled out anything, without any thought to it. 
Slowly, blogging got defined, and now, it’s even more defined, and organized. Bloggers are willing to experiment, and pull out their own conclusions. Remember, blogging is not taught in universities. Though, a time may come when some universities might start a beacon course on the subject. I have thought hard, and came out with my own line of observations, and guide on the best 10 blogging initiatives for the year 2014.

1. Experiment

It’s not about experimenting and finding new trends in blogging, but exploring old trends and adding newness to the old trends. We have had enough of such newness, the newness unquestionably will continue, but you can’t send every old man to the old age home.

2. Search for the topics in the newspaper’s supplement

Very few people have the time to go through the newspaper’s supplement. They just forget about it. You know something - the real blogging theme lies there, and not on the main pages.

3. Blog about things you know

Though, it’s a simple fact, and every blogger knows about it. Inspite of knowing about it, bloggers try and write about weird things that are popular, though, they may not have the expertise on it. Stop doing that and focus on things you know better. 

4. Search for the topics around you

Stop the habit of stealing ideas from the net. The best bloggers find things to write from their surroundings, and then link it to their expertise. 

5. Find inspiration

Bloggers run their steam on inspiration. Read the best blogs, know about the best blogger’s life, and pick the best out of them.

6. Observe

Observation enhances blogging. It leads you to explore ideas and go into the crux of a matter. Importantly, it helps you to pull away through the unknown and discover new threads to write upon.  

7. Join communities

 Socializing can infuse new energy, and throw insight into a lot of things, which otherwise may not have been possible. When you meet others, you come to know about new things happening around, which again might give you a new bright idea to think about. 

8. Go get it attitude

This is the kind of attitude, which will make you taller than other bloggers. The difference between ordinary and outstanding bloggers lies in the attitude. If you have the appetite to reach the top, you will always find the ladder to get there. 

9. Blogging at the right place

Don’t blog at places no one knows about. No matter how powerful your ideas are, there should be someone to read what you just blogged. 

10. Always blog on something others will be interested upon

The web is full of blogs that no one stares at. Do you know why? It is because it doesn’t have anything to attract others

Now, if you have gone through the list, and realize that you don’t fit in here, this is your chance to start afresh.

 By Rajiv Sighamony

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