What skills do you need to become a professional blogger

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What skills do you need to become a professional blogger

A blogger blogs to inform readers, offer tips and tricks, or even write on general developments in his life. Some bloggers write to fulfill ambitions of blogging every day. For them, blogging has become a way of life. They would wake up in the morning, and blog on topics they feel they get inspiration from, or blog at night, just before they go to bed, summarizing what they have experienced in the day. 

However, over the years, blogging has developed into an art. It no longer remained just a fascination for writing on something a blogger wants to, but blogging has become more defined, and intend to create impact in the minds of readers. Blogging has also become commercial. Some bloggers, now, have goals to make money from their posts. Blogging has therefore, become more reader oriented. Blogs are created with aims to steal attention and get continued reader’s support. If that’s what blogging has become now, then, bloggers need to blog with clear cut objectives. A professional blogger should enhance skills, and perhaps, bring quality in what he writes. He should add few significant skills up his sleeves to add creativity into his writings, and also make it unique.

Learn to write in a unique manner

A blogger needs to approach topics with his views, and thoughts. The best posts from bloggers are those that have been researched without hiring others views. Many bloggers are keen to identify similar topics on web, and then take views and points from the post, to write in their own words. Such posts will pass copyscape check, but unfortunately lose its uniqueness, just because the posts content ideas have been hijacked from somewhere else. That clearly is not uniqueness. 

A blogger should also understand how to write a unique blog post.  To write one, he will have to dig deep into a topic, and find words to express what he learnt from his findings. That’s what uniqueness is. Professional bloggers must have foresight and patience to dig deep and find facts concerning topics, before putting together set of facts as post. They should provide intense information. Readers must come out from the post, thinking they have got something new and rare. 

Professional bloggers should be able to connect with readers

A blogger should be able to play with his words, and not just provide information in plain good grammar. His writings must provoke readers to read more of his content. The language of the blog post should make readers feel that it is somehow related to them. Many bloggers fail to create impression in the minds of readers, and it results in loss of readership. Readers are impressed if the content makes an impact. 

Readers are only interested in topics that touch some aspects of their lives. The ability of a blogger to connect with readers also depends on the kind of topic he chooses to write upon. Choose a topic that a person can relate to. For instance, the best topic for a design blog will be a tutorial on certain design theme. Such topics will involve readers and generate high degree of interest. 

Professional bloggers should rely more on specific topics, rather than general subjects. General subjects do not excite readers anymore. The web is full of such topics, readers these days are only eager to read through the article, if they can find unique take on certain issues. Therefore, bloggers should have enough fire in their belly to research and truly come up with a great article that will make readers scamper to read more of such content. 

Professional bloggers should be able to conceive new content ideas time and again

The most difficult part of being a professional blogger is to generate content ideas. A blogger is always on the go, looking for new content ideas to write upon. He can’t expect ideas to follow him. Ideas have to be worked upon. A blogger should remain active on the web to keep track of new developments. An alert blogger will be more likely to come up with amazing content ideas.  Turn pages of existing blogs to grasp knowledge on how to come up with new content ideas. Sometimes content ideas may be older, but a new take even on old ideas will bring freshness and add different dimension to make it a new content idea.

At times, competitor’s blog also acts as breeding ground for new content ideas, but a blogger should be able to come up with an entirely new take on issues. Ideas are not just limited to blogs and web, in fact, ideas are everywhere. A blogger’s most prominent skills are to extract ideas from his surroundings. He should be able to keep in touch with current issues, and soak information, before using his skills to blog on topics.

Know your target audience and write according to it

Many bloggers fail to write for specific audience. Majority of the bloggers are more concerned with generating traffic, and the use of SEO in their content, rather than trying to figure out whether their content will be accepted by the audience. Every blog has a select audience and a list of subscribers. The subscribers have chosen to subscribe because they believe that they will get certain kind of content regularly in their inbox. If a blogger fails to deliver right content keeping in mind the taste of the blog’s audience, he is likely to lose chunk of the traffic. 

 A professional blogger should understand the needs of the audience. It doesn’t matter whether he writes post for his own blog, or for someone else’s blog, always get idea of who the audiences are, and then write accordingly. A blogger should track his blog’s visitors. Always remember, it is not always the content that attracts visitors, but also tone of the article and the language with which it has been written is equally important.  A blogger’s forte should be to maintain the flow of similar writing style. The best bloggers learn to remain consistent in their writing style.

Develop these skills, and success is bound to follow that will make ordinary bloggers turn into highly successful professional bloggers.

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