How to get New Content Ideas from Your Rivals?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to get New Content Ideas from Your Rivals?

A website has been created. A new domain name has been bought and with few articles already posted on the site, the site owner is still clueless on how to find the right content and unique article marketing idea. A content that he desperately needs to snatch visitors from his competitors is just out of his reach. A visit to a competitor’s website is always a good idea to know the secrets of getting new contents. There are many blogs around that have contents on the same niche as his blog, and therefore, a peep through a competitor’s website is the first step in the process of article marketing. 

A site owner should know the fact that article marketingideas crop from a rival’s website. Reading content on popular blogs and sites will throw light on why other blogs are faring better in the market. A site owner will get enough reasons to look at the drawbacks that his site has in comparison to successful blogs. There has to be some reasons on why his blog do not perform as better as a successful high trafficked blog. It is significant to find the right reasons for mediocre performance, and it can only be done when blog owners visit their competitor’s blog and learn a thing or two about good content and article marketing ideas.

A blog owner should develop a habit of following few better blogs than his. He should only follow those blogs that has content in the same niche as his own blog. He must regularly keep a check on the performance of other blogs, the contents that they post, and how they generate traffic to their contents. It is also important to find what article marketing methods the competitors use. 

Article marketing is the most essential part of promoting content. Contents are as good as its promotion. A good promoted content will be read by many, and that is exactly what good sites do. An extensive article marketing process will improve the page rank of a website.  Carefully following other popular and similar blogs will help bloggers to find the exact reason why their site is not faring better than their competitor’s blogs. Once a blog owner gets to know the reason of his site’s failure, he can make changes to improve the contents on his blog, and use better approach to article marketing process. 

Good sites use article marketing process in a better way to increase traffic to their blogs. A competitor’s site will enable a blogger to know the sources of traffic that a blog undertakes to generate high traffic. A blogger should also read the contents carefully to learn the extent of keywords used, and what keywords have been used. Write contents on similar keywords, and indulge in thorough article marketing process to increase page views. 

The most important step in an article marketing process is to learn the successful content writing ways of a competitor’s blog. The use of labels and tags of contents are also considered as one of the most significant article marketing ways.

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