How to save money when your heart wants to spend

Friday, December 9, 2011

How to save money when your heart wants to spend

Many believe that saving money is an art, and not everyone’s cup to drink from, but more than art, it is an attitude. It is never easy to save a dime, unless a person has the determination and the will to save it. Human beings are born with the natural desire to spend. They love to spend, and therefore, a person has to make special effort to save money. He has to fight his instinct to suppress the desires of spending. 

The urge to save money begins the moment one understands the value of money. A person may realize that he has been spending unnecessarily on items or things that he should refrain from, but since he has developed a habit of spending, he finds it extremely harder to control his spending instinct. 

It took me two years to learn to keep 10 dollars in my wallet for a week, without spending it. When I decided to save my first 10 dollars, I had to fight hard to suppress my spending urge, and even before 24 hours crossed by, I had already spent the money on something or the other. 

It becomes a real ordeal to change this habit at once. 

As soon as I received my company’s pay cheque, my thoughts would focus on all the necessities that I need to fulfill. I kept on paying for the daily and monthly requirements, which was necessary, such as paying for the house rent, and the daily food expenses. Apart from fulfilling necessary expenditure, my mind will rest on the long unfulfilled dream, which is perhaps, not a necessity. That’s where the problem arises. A person wants has no limits, he will try to purchase a swanky mobile phone, even though his pockets do not permit such purchases. Such needless expenses could easily have been avoided, but since I had the money in my pocket, I was addressing such issues. More importantly, I was not able to avoid such thoughts. 

That is the fight people generally face in their life. They fail to prevent their heart from making improper choices. A person who wants to save money has to enable his mind to control his heart while making choices. 

It may be very difficult at the outset, but a person has to fight with greater will and determination. A person is naturally inclined to spend on those items or things that he never had access to, in the past. As soon as he has the money, his mind dwells on such things.

I faced similar problems when I decided to save money. I was not comfortable with money that was yet to be spent. As long as the money was present in my wallet, my wish list grew. I decided to resist the temptation. 

But I also decided to purchase the swanky ones once in a while to get over the desires of having one. I found that it is equally important to own few things, the heart yearns for. Once a person has them, he is more relaxed, and he also learns to take it easy. He is more in control of his ambitions. He is not overawed by the fact that he has money in his wallet. 

Though, initially, it was difficult, but slowly, I learnt to grapple with my urge to spend. 

The most important way forward is to make a start and learn to create a balance. Having a greater will to control expenses is just a part, but equally important is to occasionally buy stuff, a person has been wanting to. Buying stuff, for which the heart craves for, instils a sense of achievement. It motivates a person to save money, and helps him to understand the value of saving money.

Once the thirst for spending dies, a person consistently begins to save money. 


Kyra Furney said...

Most of the things that we would like to spend for are not really things that we need, but things that we merely want. What I found effective is every time I feel this urge, I just distract myself by doing other things that will take my mind off this urge. This is only a temporary feeling so overcoming this might be easier than you thought.

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Mila Ray said...

Thanks for sharing your experience!I am sure that lots of people have faced a problem like this one.I think it's human nature, we like spend money.Most us think " Then why do I earn money if I can not spend it?" and overspend.It's hard to find a right balance.But I think it's worth to work over yourself, I like to spend money and sometimes have problmes with it, but I try to teach myself to value money that I earn.I try to understand what kind of things are really necessary for me to buy, what can make me happy, and what kind of expenses I should avoid.I agree with you,saving money is rather an attitude than an art.Only if you will learn yourself, your situation, your expenses, you will be able to find a right way to save money.I believe that it's very personal for every one and every particular situation has it's own solution.

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