How do I find good topics to write upon

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How do I find good topics to write upon

This is my second title, which is more or less similar to what I wrote a long way back. The difference from what I wrote then, to what I am writing now is immense. My whole perception has changed towards writing. The first time when I wrote, I was getting into writing in a big way. I looked writing as a thriving profession. But now, I find writing not very lucrative, because the topic, which I want to write now, and sell it to online magazines, has already been covered. 
good topics
Original writing is nowhere. The only topics that you can write now are research based topics, read it online, and write in your own words. The new topics are totally out of the equation. Get jobs that are posted online, rewrite it in your own words. Unfortunately, online writing has become a dustbin of sorts. You throw the same garbage all over again, and believe me it is just ridiculous. Still, everyone loves doing the old dirty job because search engines love it, and advertisement revenues flow due to the same lousy content.

I keep thinking, when writing has reached a stage of mockery of sorts, which unfortunately it has, then what is the need to blog. I have been trying to come out with new ideas to write upon, sadly, it has become very difficult for me to create a new talking point. The only new topic is perhaps, the current news. If you leave that aside, then there’s nothing new. 

However, now I have decided to try an entirely new concept. I have been thinking about it, and I thought, why not tell all of you. Perhaps, even you could benefit out of this. I have now started to give stress on what, why, how and when of the topics. 

If you have written about the ‘what of any topic’, then simply try to get into the ‘why and how about those topics.' I am not saying that such issues will be any newer, but at least it will be new to you. You may find it challenging to come out with new ideas about such issues. 

There’s one fact, though, and it will remain, and it will not change, and that is the dearth of topics. If you are into online writing, then finding issues from here on will definitely be difficult. Blog owners will now have to start writing the same topic again, with a difference, and unless you do that way, it will become very difficult for writers to find absolutely new topics.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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