Why did I choose to blog on blogger

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why did I choose to blog on blogger

When I started blogging, blogger seems to be very popular. Though, then they had fewer features, yet, it was quite easy for someone like me, who was trying to understand what blogging is all about. I found blogging on blogger very interesting because the platform was tailored for blogging. The platform gave me what I looked for. I did not have to struggle with implementing photos, or texts. It was all properly laid out, and I never found the need to look for other platforms.
Enhancement of blogger tools

I used blogspot.com to publish my posts. When my blog began growing, I decided to expand. The first thing I did was to get my domain name. I am from a finance background, and, therefore, choosing finance related domain was the first thing on my mind. 

Blogging has a lot of supporting integrated tools. You can quickly perform a blog theme or design change with just a click. ‘Add a gadget’ is perhaps, the best tool Blogger.com has. And it’s so effortless to pick anything you like, and install on your site. 

You can choose to put 3rd party banners, subscription tools, with just the click of a mouse. The html gadget allows you to implement the banner code without any fuss. In the beginning, ‘Add a gadget’ did not carry much in its repertoire, but slowly, the list grew, the popular pages, add video, blogger stats and others came in. 

Domain integration

When I bought the domain name, I was a little worried about integrating the name with my blog at blogspot.com. However, to my amazement, the task was performed in-house, and I did not have to do anything, which for me was a gift. The whole process was just seamless, and I still don’t have an answer why Blogger decided to stop selling domain names from its dashboard.  This decision is a little setback for blogger lovers.

I wish I could buy hosting 

In the hindsight, when I look back now, I feel that the blogger should have allowed the option of buying hosting service, just as they allow domain purchase. Many advertisement companies want to stay away from blogger sites because they don’t know if the site will be available after a certain period of time. This is where I think serious bloggers choose some other blogging platforms. If blogger.com gives the freedom of choosing hosting options, it will recreate a beautiful blogging experience for bloggers. 

 By Rajiv Sighamony

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