5 big corporate mistakes that could haunt you forever

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 big corporate mistakes that could haunt you forever

We all do some sort of mistakes in our career. It could be exceedingly small, or at times blunder that could have a bigger impact in our lives in the future. Many a times, we don’t understand the magnitude of the mistakes till we are made to suffer the consequences. 

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Don’t miss opportunities if you know there exists one

After I began working in my first job, and few months passed by, I was told by my colleague about a job opportunity that exists somewhere else. There were more than one vacancy slots. I got to know that the firm in question was paying much better, and though, my colleague who passed on the message left the job, and grabbed it, yet I hesitated, with the result that I rued over the lost chance. My colleague eventually earned more, was promoted to occupy a dominant position, whereas I was left lurking in my old job. The missed opening was indeed lost. It teaches you a lesson. 

 Inspite of all the mistakes people commit, yet, the mistakes are repeated for no apparent reason, and the consequences are suffered, but the select few who are wise either refrain from committing corporate mistakes, or even if they commit, they try not to repeat those.

Don’t get provoked and fight with your seniors

The worst thing any employee would do to himself is to get provoked. In this era, when office politics play such a pivotal role in any office atmosphere, reacting to someone’s whim is considered to be the most foolish act. These are times when promotions are hard to come by, astute colleagues are desperate to find faults and weaknesses in others, so they can exploit those, and take advantage for their own self. Politics have become an integral part of any office, and everyone is eager to play games and win, to gain promotion and favour from their superiors. 

And you cannot afford to make a wrong move. In such circumstances, a provocation that led to a fight with your seniors can get you out of the office. It could also put your career in jeopardy. In some cases, you might not be removed, but you will be strangled and forced to resign. The chances of your forthcoming promotion would be stalled, and your career could unquestionably crumble into oblivion. There are plenty of cases, when a dispute with the boss, has destroyed many careers. 

Not being able to understand office politics

In the corporate world, everyone is playing some sort of mind games. Some are playing to win the backing of bosses while others are playing to plot the downfall of their bosses. Corporate are full of these games, it’s the cut throat competition that goes on among executives to gain promotion, or to achieve their self centred goals. It’s essential to understand the nature of games being played, otherwise, no matter how convincing your performance is, you may not be promoted, when it’s your turn. 

You may ignorantly play into the hands of someone, and might be blamed for something you never did. Your career will never take off as you wish, and you will regret later that your innocence or your lack of ability to understand the workplace culture has stalled your career plans. Not understanding office politics can be categorized as a big mistake in the modern day corporate world.

Don’t annoy your bosses

In the corporate world, if you don’t understand the importance of bosses, you are lost. The style of functioning in the corporate sector is such that the hierarchy of bosses becomes pivotal. Your boss is the only vein through which the message passes on. You may be much smarter than your boss, but, unfortunately, you will have to take orders from him; otherwise you will be shown the door. 

Your proficiency in most of the cases will be highlighted if the boss wishes to. The boss holds a tricky role in corporate. And, therefore, to annoy him is perhaps, equivalent to cutting the branch of a tree, on which you have been seated. He is an important thread, don’t mess around with him. Remember, your success partly lies with him. He can highlight your achievement, and bring promotion and honour, the sooner you understand the point, the better it is for you.

Never let negative reputation hang about you

You might have created an outstandingly strong reputation in your company, but there are few personal aspects about you that your close colleagues know. Those are the things when leaked out could cause a lousy reputation, which could damage your chances of a greater success. In the first place, it is not recommended to have vulnerable standing in front of your colleagues. Your colleagues could well be your competitors and; therefore, your negativity can jolly well provide an opportunity for their success. 

I had a colleague, who was an outstanding sales performer, and he had a solid sales record to boast of, but he had this habit of drinking every day after he would leave his job. We all know about it. There was a possible promotion expected to take place, to fill an in-house vacant position. My colleague with a proven sales record was the best man to get it, but he lost out on someone just because his reputation of regular daily drinking guy was thought of as a bit irresponsible.


 Mistakes can take place, but always be ready to make it up, if you can. That’s the secret of corporate glory.

 By Rajiv Sighamony

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