5 tips on how to destroy your career

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

5 tips on how to destroy your career

You may have read articles on how to build your career, on how to prepare yourself for an interview. Still, people somehow do strange things and descend deep into destruction with their attitude and actions in the workplace.

It’s essential for individuals to learn how to develop a positive attitude in the workplace. Those who do the right things are the ones seen on top of the ladder.

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Here are 5 tips on how to destroy your career.

Casual wear at your workplace would signify a doom to your career. Those who aspire to dress informally with jeans and T shirts in the workplace could witness a halt in the development of their career. Men with grown up beards faces that have not been shaved for more than a week would attract the attention of the employers. The employers then see your shabby appearance, and though you may excel with your performance in your company. Your shabby appearance will make sure you stay in the same ladder steps for ever.

If you want to see yourself in an executive position, you need to have an executive appearance. What does that mean? Your appearance should be sophisticated enough with a hint of conservative shade. Avoid scurvy dresses, more so if you are a woman hoping to make a mark in the man’s world.

Lack of effective communication skills would help you land in a soup. Your poor communication skills take you on the path of career destruction. Not been able to describe your presentation effectively in a team meeting will ensure your downfall. The company always seeks a person higher up the hierarchy who has proper communication skills so that he is able to communicate his views and thoughts effectively with his co-workers.

Postponing your work will bring you in a junction when the company decides to transfer your work load to somebody else. Shirking away from responsibilities stands as the most significant causes for a person’s career halt. The world is filled with talented individuals who shirk their responsibilities and postpone to a time suitable to them.

Careless attitude in your workplace. There is no shortage of individuals who show their personality traits with their irresponsible and reckless attitude. You may sound too slick when you think nobody has noticed your actions. Employers keenly watch every employee’s move, they are always on the lookout for a man of proper conduct and attitude to give more responsibilities to him. More responsibilities mean elevation and a rise in pay.

Avoid making personal calls from your office or chatting too closely with the members of the opposite sex. Chewing gums, and laughing loudly in the office premises. Never attract undue negative attention if you want to rise the ladder of success.

Asking for a pay rise, when your boss is in an angry mood. If you look to print your name in his bad books forever, go ahead and ask for a leave, or jump in pay when he had a lousy day. You can be assured that you would stay in your current job position for ever. Do it twice and you might even be demoted?

Try avoiding the given tips, and you would witness your career soar to new heights.

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