Why proper manners are important for you to get a job

Friday, June 19, 2009

Why proper manners are important for you to get a job

It’s surprising to find so many young job aspirants unable to clear interviews in spite of being highly educated and academically qualified.

A reputed job placement consultant once remarked, 'young job aspirants doesn’t like to think that true manners does play a pivotal role in landing them a job'. To speak politely is just a small part of being mannered, there’s more to it.

Right attitude coupled with an acceptable behavior is what proper manners is all about.

An interviewer once asked a candidate, why he wishes to leave his former company and join the new firm. The candidate spilled all his venom towards the company, talking through about the rudeness of his boss, and how bad the management is.

It was no surprise that the candidate was not selected.

The first thing that most experienced job placement consultants advise their candidates is not to criticize their current company on which they work, during interviews as it gives a poor impression to the interviewer.

Talk less and speak to the point. Be confident but do not argue.

A young job aspirant once walked to the interview table for an assistant manager’s position.

The interviewer was the manager himself. On being asked how would he solve the current crisis in a company?

The candidate replied saying, 'it’s surprising how a simple crisis couldn’t be solved by such a reputed company'. The candidate’s overconfidence put paid to his chances of getting a job.

A job seeker needs to understand that he should behave amicably and just cannot resort to harsh responses.

It was a long wait for a young candidate as he was called in for the interview, but due to unfortunate circumstances the interview couldn’t be conducted on time.

The Human resources manager was stuck up with an important and sudden engagement.

The interview was held some two hours after the scheduled time. The first thing that the candidate did was to show his displeasure and commented to show his embarrassment.

That was enough for the interviewer to overlook that candidate.

The most notable aspect to remember when you go hunting for a job is to show your ethical conduct. Your actions will influence the interviewer.

You might have failed to provide a conclusive answer, but what matters is your willingness to learn.

If the interviewer finds that you are flexible, willing to learn, and you are not stubborn, then you are the person likely to get a job.


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