6 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Profits

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Profits

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The plummeting reputation of Wall Street has greatly affected the perceived value of small businesses. The crashing economy caused many small businesses to close their doors permanently. For businesses that survived, they have seen decreased profits, lowered consumerism and the need to rethink their current business strategies.

Most owners knew there are areas of their businesses that need more attention. Others would like to see growth but lack the confidence to measure risk and lack the knowledge to make the changes. For those who are still looking for a way to increase profits and safely change their current business processes, consider these proven methods to profit from your business.

Enhancing Administrative Knowledge 


Collecting, creating and managing marketing campaigns, proper accounting, and other administrative duties are critical to increasing profit for small businesses. Learning these skills or hiring an administrative professional is a requirement that many businesses overlook. A strong administrative department can mean the difference between being in the red and celebrating the increased black.

Saving Money 


There is a plethora of ways to save money in your business. This can include going paperless, cheaper outsourcing for the tasks you currently outsource, and choosing suppliers that offer bulk discounts on supplies and materials you use. Many financial institutions will offer small business discounts on purchases using their accounts. Take a look at your current costs and shave those costs where you can.

Employee Management 


One of the most overlooked and expensive cost that small business experience is proper employee management. This is especially true for business with remote employees. As your employees are an investment, you want to assure they are properly managed, are productive, and are increasing your earnings rather than simply costing money. Assure they are managing their time properly, are well trained for their tasks, and are adding value to your business.

Making More Profitable Decisions 


Some risks are worth taking, but it is rarely an easy task to distinguish these from unwarranted risks. Spotting the difference with confidence can make the difference between long-term profitability and a dead-end business model. Before making any decision that will have an initial investment or advertisement  cost, research it well. In many cases the process has already been tried by other companies and the results can be found. Avoid making financial decisions blindly.

Strategic Thinking 


Can you quantitatively measure the profitability of your latest advertising campaign? Do you have a plan in place for rapid response to financial emergencies? Are you updating your business strategy regularly in response to changes in consumer confidence and competitor practices? Creating a proper strategy can assure you have all the answers you need when you need them. Your advertising, financial response, and business strategy are what makes your business a business from the start.

Increased Education 


Some of the largest companies were started with a product, a truck, and a dream. For these entrepreneurs, it was luck and perseverance that made them a success. These are rare success stories. Having proper education to start and run a business should be the first priority. If your business has a strong base, increasing your education can take it further. Invest in more education and the knowledge needed to take it to the next level.

With the economy strengthening once again, there is a need for successful small businesses to contribute. If your business survived the crash, take the initiative to re-strategize and obtain the right tools and processes to increase your profits.

About the Author:

Maria Johnson blogs about small business management, including benefits of executive MBA degree.

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