Advertisement ideas for small business

Friday, June 28, 2013

Advertisement ideas for small business

Advertising your business products and/or services are a very crucial aspect for the small business. Unlike larger corporations that have exceptionally easily recognizable icons, your business could remain unknown for a great deal of time within your local community. While your budget may be minimal at best, you don't need to put as much money into garnering support from the community as long as your small business strategy is well developed. Here are few advertisement ideas for small business.
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1. Social Media - The first thing you should concentrate on is any free marketing abilities that you can get your hands on. Social media sites are free to use and can spread awareness of your business as long as you put effort into them.
  • Submit your business to Google Places as soon as possible. As many local consumers utilize their Smartphones on a regular basis to look for needs of a specific product or service, this could help you get noticed by them quicker.
  • Create a business page for Facebook and LinkedIn. You can link this to your website, and it could give you a platform to which you can launch a variety of local advertisements. Facebook ads for your business can be tailored to lead to only those in your local vicinity.
  • Utilize YouTube to create your own advertisements of services, products, how-tos and more. These can be tied to your website and your Facebook profile.
  • Maximize any other social media site that can increase your relations with customers. These could include Google+, Pinterest, and even Reddit.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, social media can become an extremely powerful tool as long as you continue your efforts to deliver quality content about what you do. You can't make a few posts and expect a whopping result. Like anything else, it will require work and regular updates to drive customers to you.

2. Support a Local School - School event calendars can be an affordable method to get your name out to the local consumers. Depending on the school district or the school, these could range anywhere around the $180 mark. However, it's only for the school year which provides you a business-card sized advertisement on each month for the nine that school is in session. This is also subject to the area you are in.

3. The Radio - Radio ads can be relatively inexpensive unless you broadcast during peak hours. This is subject to your local community. The goal is getting your name out there and paying for a cheap 30-second spot at one in the morning will not work terrifically well for your needs. However, midnight advertising might do well if you are offering services at that time of the night.

4. Flyers and Mailers - Sending mailers to random people in the area could help generate interest. For just under $150, you can mail flyers to more than 200 people covering what your business performs. In small communities, 200 flyers can make quite an impact. However, larger cities may require more coverage in order for people to understand your business is available.

In reality, your budget for advertising, needs to be adjusted for the amount of money you have. Although it's vital to bring in customers, it's more important to pay the bills. Utilize any free methods you can and try to keep your spending low. There have been many successful businesses that only dedicated three to five percent of their monthly income to a marketing budget.

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Hey Ken, Really liked your ideas of business promotion. Starting a new business is not always easy. so it is necessary to make people aware of the business to get a kick start. By adding the approx price for the services you've made this little easier for new clients. I've been thinking of adding such content but it's good that people can find these details using your post.

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