How to search for lucrative copywriting assignments

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to search for lucrative copywriting assignments

Many writers dream of grabbing copywriting assignments. Copywriting projects pays well. Good paying copywriting projects are never available on magazines and sites. Writers often never understand how copywriting project owners recruit writers for their projects. Big paying copywriting assignments are rarely advertised. It is not the writers who find the project; on the contrary, it is the other way around, project owners find a writer, without anyone else knowing about it. 

It is the dilemma, which has remained unsolved. Writers put their all to find lucrative copywriting assignments, but their hands lay empty. Writers should understand the fact that copywriting project owners are big firms in many cases. They are willing to pay $800-$1000 or more for a single write up. When a project owner is willing to pay a large sum, he looks for expertise he is familiar with. He will not like to advertise a project and hand the project to someone he doesn’t know well enough. Recruiting a writer from unknown quarters may hamper a project. He may not get the quality he is looking at. Therefore, he chooses a copywriter he knows well enough, the writer who has worked with him in earlier projects, or he is well acquainted with the writer’s style of writing. That explains the reason why high paying copywriting assignments are never advertised.

Yet, copywriting markets do exist. A writer has to find it. The market is hidden, and the project owners work behind the scenes to get writers for the task. Since, the market is not so open, a writer has to work harder to find the lucrative copywriting market. The only way a writer can expect to get hold of copywriting assignments is by having a presence in the writing market. The key to grabbing high paying copywriting projects is to establish credentials in the writing world. 

How to build presence as a writer in the writing world

To begin with, a writer should be experienced enough to have any semblance of a chance to work in copywriting projects.  The novice writer stands no chance to get hold of the commercial writing projects. It is the experience, which enables a writer to differentiate between the normal writing project and the commercial copywriting project. The commercial writing project, such as a copywriting assignment demands something else from a writer. Copywriting projects are result oriented. A copy is written with the sole aim of getting clients or to make a sale. It can be tough. A writer will have to demonstrate his selling skills in his writing. A writer should be smart enough to blend his writing style with selling pitch. 

Excellent use of English grammar

It is important to build reputation as a writer over a period of time. Write for different online sites and print magazines. Create a brand name. Readers should find an article or any write up interesting. Remember, good English grammar is a must. Good grammar knowledge enhances the writing style. It creates distinct image in the minds of a reader.

Many experienced writers, still, commit errors in the usage of articles (a, an, the).  A writer should understand that strong grammar will help a writer to break through the tough lucrative writing market. The proper use of articles (a, an, the) in a sentence is essential and it defines how good the writer is. Good publication houses will entertain writers that have proper command on the use of English grammar. Therefore, unless a writer is well informed on the use of English grammar, he may not be considered for popular print publications or even good online magazines. Remember, the acceptance of articles by good magazine publication houses, print or otherwise, is the first step to build presence as a writer in the writing world.

Build online portfolio

Create personal portfolio website that should contain list of past writing achievements. Post the testimonials that clients have written. A recommendation from someone can work magic. The potential client is inspired to have a look at the recommended writer. Post links of significant online articles. A portfolio should be complete and it must contain full bio of what the writer has achieved in the past. A writer without online portfolio will struggle to have any presence in the writing market. A portfolio will boost writer’s bio, and therefore, it is necessary for a writer to have one. Having online portfolio website is just a step forward, promoting the portfolio is equally important. A well promoted portfolio website will have more chances to be seen by many potential clients. 

Get a breakthrough in popular print magazines

A writer whose work had been published in popular print magazines has given himself a decent chance to be caught by copywriting project owners. It should be noted that general readers are not the only ones who are interested in peeing through the magazines; copywriting project owners are also equally interested in finding good writers. They are always on the hunt to look for the writers who are capable of writing a copy. The print magazine is perhaps, the right place to be seen by potential clients. Don’t forget to add small personal bio at the end of the article in print magazines.

Write reviews

Writing reviews is close to writing a copy. Though, writing a copy is a lot different than writing a review, yet, there are few similarities that exist between writing a copy and writing a review. Many copywriting project owners choose good review writers for the task. Choose magazines that specialize in review articles. Write reviews with an aim to impress the copywriting project owners. They are lurking as a reader and possibly peeping through the written review articles. Potential clients are always on the hunt for the right person, and no one knows when the real opportunity may strike. Good review writers are the most likely candidates for the lucrative copywriting project.  

Buy copywriting eBook

There are many copywriting eBook owners who try and offer ideas on how to write a copy. Though, many may not particularly want to buy such eBooks, yet, they are important as many eBooks promise to offer copywriting projects at the end of the training. 

Such opportunities can be a good way forward to grab copywriting assignments. Those projects might not be lucrative, but it will open a way for many aspiring copywriters to write the first copy. It will certainly open a way forward for writers to gain experience and learn a thing or two about writing copies. Remember, getting the first break is always difficult, but once a person gets the initial break, the doors open and opportunities flow in.


kimberley bacon said...

I've been searching some copy writing technique tips and came across your post. This is the first time to know that a single copy writing write up cost is really expensive. With lots of customer you can get out of the good sales copy then why not.

Unknown said...

Nevertheless designing copy in this quality is perhaps zero simple point, in addition to that’s precisely why many people choose online copywriters to help complete the same task. This is often a great decision that makes your health less complicated or it's really a bad the one that can make your health tougher, everthing will depend on the services or online copywriter that you just choose.

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