Canadian Supreme Court Judge approved class action for Zimmer hip recall symptoms

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Canadian Supreme Court Judge approved class action for Zimmer hip recall symptoms

In the recent verdict by the Canadian Supreme Court, a judge has ordered action against artificial joint manufacturers, in circumstances, if the surgery has caused problems to a patient. The verdict has come as a relief to many Zimmer hip implant failure patients who have suffered due to irresponsible conduct of artificial joint manufacturers. A verdict has been issued for every Canadian citizen who has experienced Zimmer hip failure. 

Class action for Zimmer hip implant failure patients

Class action is defined as the process where more than one lawyer joins together to bring a case against the joint defendant. The verdict is specifically issued for Zimmer hip failure, where Durom Cup is inserted inside a patient. The patients who undergo Durom cup implants have said to suffer from implant device failure in many cases. Such failures can lead to side effects, which may remain for the rest of the life. It may cause inflammation, joint pain, and restriction of movement.  The patient may even find continuous pain in the hip region; at times the pain could also become unbearable. 

Notably, in class action lawsuit, the damages received by the patient are equally distributed among the lawyers who take part in the joint lawsuit and the patient. 

The Canadian justice bench have said to have noticed numerous cases of implant device failure and therefore, the class action suit was ordered to take care of those who have suffered from surgery implant failure. In class lawsuit, a total of 100 Canadian citizens are expected to take part.


Margarette Cornice said...

I wonder if the doctors who recommended and implemented these procedures will also be liable to these damages. They should have inspected the cup implants before using them on patients.

wites & kapetan

Ann Smith said...

The issue about zimmer is in alike with depuy hip's issue too.

Rachelle said...

zimmer is now following the steps of depuy! zimmer hip damages

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