5 tips on how to impress your boss

Friday, October 14, 2011

5 tips on how to impress your boss

Bosses are tough nut to crack. They are at times difficult to handle. What makes bosses tough to deal with is their unpredictability. Some bosses are known to throw tantrums, and do not seem to get impressed very easily. They carry unique air about themselves, and unless a person understands his boss, he will not be able to impress him. 

Unfortunately, whether the person wants or not, he has to take care of his boss, even if, he may not particularly want to impress him. Sadly, he can’t afford to annoy his boss. Bosses play a significant role for an employee. They could unleash a tighter situation and make life easier for an employee. No one can expect to rise in the company, without being in the good books of a boss. So what does an employee do? Here are the 5 best ways to impress bosses at the workplace.

1.       Understand a boss

The sooner a person understands his boss, the faster he will be able to get into his good books. Bosses fall in various categories. An employee should make out, whether his boss is the power brandishing boss, or the screaming boss. A boss usually expects to be understood by his employee. He may give an impression that he is least bothered about what is happening around, but would like his behaviour or habits to get noticed. It gives a sense of strange satisfaction for a boss to realize his actions have been noticed. It provides a boost to the self esteem of a boss. He loves being attended to.

The clever employee will take this opportunity to walk into his good books. The unsaid message transmitted to a boss that his habit and behaviour had been noticed will be secretly appreciated by him. He would perhaps, get more impressed, when employees try and make adjustments to suit his taste. Some bosses have sense of insecurity and for them to find that they have been treated in a special manner, will surely make them satisfied. An employee should understand his boss’s psychology, and make adjustments accordingly. This is perhaps, the first step to get noticed by a boss.

2.       Performance counts

The best way to make an impression is to perform. An employee might try all the tricks in the book, but if his performance doesn’t match his deeds, then every effort goes up in smoke. A good performance certainly gives a reason for bosses to be happy. The employee’s better performance also helps the boss appraisal report. Therefore, the boss is bound to get impressed.

3.       Try to add more responsibilities

The average employee is least concerned with what’s happening around him. He is more concerned with his own share of responsibilities, rather than taking note of others. He thinks himself as the smart guy and completes his job before others. However, such employees are not the ones who will impress a boss. A boss will seek those who finish their own work and try to help others to complete their work. These set of people are the ones who impress a boss more than others because they bring additional value to the company. The initiative by an employee will impress a boss, and he would be seen as someone who is a potential leader. 

4.       Never argue with a boss

No matter how difficult a situation is, avoid argument with bosses. Though, an employee might be carried away in the heat of the situation, but always refrain from heated debates with bosses. There are better ways to handle a situation. The employee may be right during the course of a discussion, and the boss might have been wrong, yet, arguments are never considered healthy. It could hurt the professional career of an employee.

5.       Give an impression that you belong to the company

The company may run into rough weather. Times can change; a firm may have to go through bad times. The person who sticks with the company during bad times will be appreciated. Such employees are considered trustworthy and will be endowed with more responsibilities in future. They will be viewed as someone who is an insider, and will not leave the company during the rough patch.

Come up with new ideas and implement them. Fresh ideas always impress bosses.

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