Tips on moving a house

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tips on moving a house

Moving a house is a difficult task. In big cities, people may find moving a house very expensive. It can be a risky proposition as well. Since, everyone knows that it is expensive many want to do the relocation on their own. But, it could be a very tedious process. In the present era, when people don’t have enough hours to spend quality time with their family due to busy schedule, moving a house on their own can be an extremely difficult step.

Still, if one insists to move a house on his own, here are few tips to follow.

  • Always start packing with unplugging of all the electronic appliances at least 18-24 hours before the schedule. Unplugging of electronic appliances such as fridge will help it to defrost, so that when one finally packs the fridge, it will be completely dry.

  • Pack small kitchen utensils in boxes. Always buy boxes of various sizes, to pack all the smaller items. It’s important to begin the packing process from the kitchen, as it is the most complicated part of any home. Carefully dismantle kitchen cabinet and drawers. Cover them with cardboards to protect the stuff from scratch. 

  • After packing the kitchen stuff, he should now move towards his bedroom and sitting room. Dismantle bedroom cots and carefully pack them separately. Dismantle all the furniture placed inside a bedroom and in sitting room and pack them properly.
  •  Hire a van and load all the stuff, and relocate to the desired location. One should be very careful while loading the belongings. Get friends and load household belongings carefully. 

If a person cannot follow the above tips, he should hire a moving service. When a person hires a moving service, it becomes easier. He will save a lot of time and effort. Though, moving a house on his own can be very cheap, yet, a person will miss the professional edge. Remember, not been able to pack the household stuff properly will lead to damage. A moving service will eradicate any kind of risk to the packed stuff. Though, a person may have to pay a higher price to move a house, he will be guaranteed a high quality service.

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Unknown said...

Very good tips on moving a house especially for those who are moving for the first time. Even who has done moving three to four times can also find these points new and refreshing.
I wish i use these tips when i did moving to Sydney myself last year.

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