Why multiple resumes are necessary for Job search

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why multiple resumes are necessary for Job search

It’s important to understand the latest trend of job search before you try to figure out the value of multiple resumes.

You had been searching jobs for a while, but have not landed any, yet. Many of you make a resume and put the same information for every category of Job search.

Remember, you should always highlight the skill and the expertise depending upon the job you are looking for. It makes your resume more presentable and unique, and it also highlights your achievement in respect to the job vacancies available in the market.

Here are few significant pointers you must take care of, before you forward your resume to the companies.

• Read and read, to make sure there’s no underlying mistake in your resume. Mistakes could prove costly; a simple typing mistake could cost you a potential job.

• Cover letters form a part of resume. When you apply for a job, stick to a resume format specifically needed for a certain type of job. Different job search may require different cover letter format. Apply the needful.

• Contact your references or depend more on your references to find a job, rather than wasting hours and hours on online job sites.

• Companies probably have lots of job applications on hand, and they won’t bother to take action on every job search application they find.

Therefore, get back in touch with the potential employers, if your application has not been answered for a week.

• If you still had not been able to land a job, return to the basics, and horn your interview skills.

Prepare thoroughly, and recheck your job application form. Once you are done with the needful changes to your resume and enhanced your interview skills, get back again to the market to find a job.

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Unknown said...

......also we should write our resume according to the employer need or keyword.

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