Blackberry is set to release playbook tablet

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blackberry is set to release playbook tablet

Many may not have heard the term 'Playbook tablet’.

A playbook Tablet is a tablet computer, smaller in size, and yet quite effective to make use of it as a substitute for a computer.

What is even more striking is that it is manufactured by research in motion that made Blackberry.

The Blackberry tablet computer has a 7 inch screen. If you look at the screen size, you may think that it would perhaps, be heavier, but not so. The small sized computer weighs only .9 pounds.

You would also appreciate the fact that the tablet computer has a high definition camera on both sides. The device is enabled with video flash.

For someone who loves to use the small sized computer to browse internet, you would be able to do so. The device could be connected on a wireless network.

The playbook tablet computer‘s inbuilt feature is simply eye catching. Size doesn’t matter and even though, the playbook tablet is smaller is size, yet it has a 1 GHz dual core processor.

It also has a high ram of 1GB, which would make the Playbook Tablet work faster.

Though, you won’t find 3G and 4G enabled network for the Blackberry tablet computer.

Research in motion has decided not to use the blackberry based operating system for Playbook Tablet. The firm has proposed to use the operating platform of QNX operating systems.

Get ready to buy a Blackberry playbook tablet computer in 2011, and many eyes would wait for the year to end, so that they have the opportunity to buy a Blackberry Playbook tablet in 2011.

Finally, you would also find the playbook device fitted with macro USB and micro HDMI output along with a Blue-tooth.

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