Pre requisite Qualities in a MBA student

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pre requisite Qualities in a MBA student

Applying to a business school for mba programs is a difficult and competitive experience that every successful MBA graduate has gone through. Not only is an MBA a significant commitment in terms of time but also a certain prerequisite technical aptitude. Every MBA candidate need to bring something new to the table that gives him/her the competitive edge to excel in the environment after the MBA is completed. 

Before you start applying, ask yourself, why MBA? Am I cut out for the rigorous coursework that it entails? What specialization are my skills best suited for, etc. Some of the pre requisites for an MBA include evidence of a leadership track record because business schools want to develop leaders who will be job creators and pioneers in future. 

While you don't need an undergraduate degree that specializes in economics, and many MBA programs accept applicants from various backgrounds like arts and social sciences too, aptitude for business and marketing related subjects is key to getting accepted in the MBA College of your choice.

A good score in the GMAT or GRE that meets the cutoffs of your target schools is critical in making your application carry the necessary weight and set you apart from the other candidates. It will set the admissions committee's minds at ease knowing that, assuming you have relatively minimal academic experience in quantitative subjects, and a good score will make up for it. It is important to demonstrate aptitude and not expertise in these areas.

Developing and exhibiting excellent communication skills cannot be stressed enough. The general principles of finance and accounting are easily learned at business school, but colleges look for candidates who can demonstrate having cultivated soft skills too. 

If you think a ​one year mba  is less competitive and does not need prerequisites, you could not be more wrong. If anything, they tend to have even more stringent criteria for selection and you can impress the admissions committee if you can demonstrate that you already possess strong communication skills, have prior experiences that show you work well with others and that prove you can make a presentation in a persuasive, professional manner. 

You can also show how your effective communication skills have helped you land a client or seal a deal. Most of all, adaptability plays a key role and the ability to adapt and think on your feet is what MBA colleges look for.

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