Bagpacking tips for your business trip

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bagpacking tips for your business trip

Choosing what to carry on a tour has always been a problem for many. There may have been countless times during a trip when you recall that you missed key items or clothes back home. It’s never easy to choose a perfect formal suit for a business engagement. Nobody does any homework on the weather of the place they will visit next week. 
It may be a disastrous trip if you suddenly find that you carry all the wrong clothes, which doesn’t suit the climate. Bagpacking also involves doing a little homework, before eventually making a trip. Here is the list that will make your business trip enjoyable, and help you get rid of your travel stress.

Learn to fill the suitcase

Arranging clothes and accessories properly will allow you to carry more stuff. Use the flanks of the suit to pack and level up more clothes. By doing so, you will probably, save a lot of space. Even the same could be done with shirts. Importantly, shirts can take a lot of space, which will make a suitcase appear full. Keeping small clothing apparel on the side is the best way to level up empty spaces.

Pick the right bag

Carrying a large suitcase for a two day trip is inadequate planning. It’s not seemly to say that you don’t have a small suitcase. Every business traveller should ensure that he keeps the right bag for the right season. 

Make the best use of the winter season

Business travel during winter becomes easy. You could wear warm clothes, or carry additional suit, rather than stuffing inside the suitcase. That one extra outfit might well come in handy if one of your suits encounters stains unexpectedly.

Don’t fail to carry small business essentials

Pens and business cards are a must. It will be a pity if you are found wanting those in the presence of your clients. 

Have you thought of a leather folder?

It is perhaps, a good idea to stuff all the essential documents into a leather folder, such as your identification card, which has become highly necessary now. Every hotel wants to check those, before letting you in. Travelling abroad requires you to carry a passport, and other relevant documents. If you are in the habit of booking hotels online, make sure you keep the voucher safely inside the folder. Don’t forget to carry return tickets.

Medical essentials

Those who experience headache during tours should keep essential medicines. Balm, in particular, can be exceedingly useful. Don’t forget to keep band aids, and multi-vitamin tablets. Business people with stomach problems should keep tablets to avoid further complications. 

Carry Adaptors 

Adaptors are essential companion of those who use laptops on tour. I remember I had a hard time once at the Kualalumpur airport, simply because my laptop ran out of batteries. I bought an adaptor at a much higher cost to plug my laptop into a different electrical socket to recharge my laptop batteries. 

That taught me a lesson – never forget to leave adaptor at home, especially when you are touring a foreign country.

Lastly, but not the least, don’t forget to check the bag contents for the final time before you leave. 

by Rajiv Sighamony

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