5 recent gadgets to carry on a business trip and why

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 recent gadgets to carry on a business trip and why

Business trip is not just about booking business class seats on a flight, modern day tour for a business campaign means a lot. Business executives now who jet set for business trips every week to close deals on an alien land are perhaps, more conscious than their predecessors. They would like to fill their suitcases with the most recent gadget launches. And if you don’t know which ones to carry, then you might find yourself fooling with the wrong gadget. 

Mobile Phone 

I am not here to explain the benefits of a mobile phone. However, a business executive definitely needs a mobile phone; you may keep a simple one, not necessarily a Smartphone. You never know when you might come across an adversity, and if you face it in a foreign land, then it becomes all the more important to get connected with someone, who may help you to solve your problems. 

 A sudden cancellation of flights is another reason why you may require a mobile phone to arrange for an alternative on a business trip. Every executive works for his self, and also for his family –his near and dear ones are highly important for him. And therefore, he would like to be in touch with his family members.  A Mobile phone will help an executive to receive and make emergency calls, to know how his family is doing back home, and that will keep him steady, probably help him to focus on the job at hand. 


 If you are not carrying a Smartphone, then IPod is absolutely essential. Don’t look at it as a musical device, but it actually helps you to unplug your mind off from your surroundings. You might be on a flight or a hired taxi, or just waiting to unleash your power point presentation to your clients, an IPod comes to your rescue in a big way.  

Keep pre-recorded business audio presentation, and while you head to your business destination, you can use IPod to memorise your presentation and rehearse time and again, so that you don’t miss any point when it matters. 

Portable projector

A small projector, the size of a laptop will not just save you money, but also makes the whole task of presentation much easier. On a casual note, if you meet your client in his office, you may open your suitcase, and pull out a portable projector, and explain your views, with the help of it. It will work in small offices, on a friendly environment. You may even use it in a lobby or at some corner of a restaurant, where you had been invited for a breakfast. 

Travel charger

I know how embarrassing it is for someone on a business trip to leave a mobile phone charger at home.  And even if you bring it along with you, it can be even more embarrassing to carry a full grown charger, which takes extra space inside your travel bag. A travel charger is a perfect device to charge your mobile phone right away and stay connected.


The best place to keep your entire important business files. Even if you don’t carry anything else, doing without laptop will be impossible. And therefore, make sure to have it with you on a business trip.

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