Obesity in America

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Obesity in America

There has been a lot of talk gaining around and discussions taking place in the healthcare circles about the rise of obesity in the US. If you look at the stats showing the rise of obesity in the country, you will notice there are greater chances that the graph will perhaps show a further rise in the next decade or so. Some reports suggest that, in the next decade or two, 56% of American will be obese. Now, that’s something to think about as a nation. 
When discussing obesity, you also need to understand its consequences as a whole. The growth in obesity could well mean the increase in obesity related diseases. There will be certain increase in the number of diabetes patients in the country. Heart attack and stroke could also be on the rise. There are fair chances of certain kinds of cancer strikes, along with gall bladder and liver diseases. Finally, obesity leads to pregnancy complications. That also means rising healthcare costs, something nobody wants in America at this moment.

However, there are other contributing factors, which help obesity grow. Pregnant women need to understand that unless they stop using caesarean section methods to deliver a child, it’s going to be one tough drive to come anywhere closer to decreasing obesity in the country. Most of the women in the US prefer caesarean operations during child delivery. Research has shown that children who are born through caesarean section methods will surely become obese during their adulthood. The only way, we could actually make amends is by having a proper diet, and an organized exercise routine.

Understanding the significance of proper diets

One surest way to kill obesity is probably to burn fats. You need to make a list of foods that will help burn fats. One key reason why 56% of American will be obese in the coming years is the use of unhealthy foods. Tin foods, and all kinds of foods that are stored for months and years find its place in the kitchen. 

Nobody wants the fresh green vegetables grown on chemical free fertilizer soils. The unnatural foods have led to the growing number of obese, and unless you decide to change your food habits, nothing will change.
Fruits are nutritious, only if they are low on sugar. If you are already under the influence of obesity, then avoid foods that contain sugar. Any food with sugar, even if it is natural or organic, including rice, should be avoided at best. 

High intake of food that has fibre should be consumed. One food item, people forget is pepper. Sprinkle hot pepper in tea, or in some other food to burn fat. Peppers are definitely a terrific food to reduce obesity.
People generally carry a concept about fruits being healthy. However, remember, it’s the fruits that are healthy not those fruits you store in a container. Don’t confuse your idea of diet being the right one. Make sure you understand and verify what you know best. Diets are just one of the steps in your pursuit to remain free of obesity. There are other things that should also fall in line for you to achieve results that you want.

Exercises to keep you healthy

 The best exercises, of course, are playing games. Any games that involve physical activity will improve your health, and burn fats. If you love playing badminton, go for it, even basketball, or swimming all helps in burning fats, however, it’s not possible for everyone to play due to time constraints, or other reasons. Exercises are definitely the best option for them.

It is important, though, to know what you are doing. Doing exercises without a trainer can only harm your efforts. You may spend hours jumping or running on the treadmill, yet you may never get the results you seek out. Long exercises usually won’t burn fats; it’s the small interval exercises, also known as burst training that will reduce fats from your body. 

The most important thing to remember when you do these short training is to put your full efforts to use, and then stop. Ensure you have a break for few seconds, before you again continue the training. Also, if you don’t have a gym in your neighbourhood, and don’t have enough time to pursue long duration exercises, burst exercises is probably the best way to burn fats.

A balanced approach

Strike a balance between your food and exercises. A lot of individuals stop eating and go for many sessions of fasting, which is bad for your health. Reducing fat is not about fasting, or skipping your diet, it is about choosing those foods that burn fats. It is equally important to remember that having the right food alone will not help you get rid of obesity; you also need to include a daily routine of regular body exercises.

Similarly, doing exercises regularly, but not being able to control your food habits will also not help you see the results you want.The best results come from those who work with a trainer. Trainers make you realize the significance of what you do. They provide you with a reason on every rigorous effort you push through and the foods you take. 


The nation has lost this very sense of balanced approach. Everyone in United States has to understand why obesity is rising in the country proportionately. If the reports that suggest ‘56% of American will be obese’ come true, the entire country will find standing on the edge of an impending financial disaster. 

A small step, backed by a small thought, shared responsibly by everyone will go a long way to solve the healthcare problems in the country. Every citizen in the country is conscious about health, but we falter, because we bury ourselves under a false notion of healthy habits.

By Rajiv Sighamony

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