5 Free Apps to help you Create a Budget

Thursday, April 11, 2013

5 Free Apps to help you Create a Budget

Budgeting is an essential part of everyday life, whether it is a home budget, family budget, or wanting to create a personal budget planner. Because you have all of these bills to pay such as electricity, television, internet, your cell phone and car payments, staying on top of your income and finances can be confusing and quite difficult. 

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With the recent technology of today, it's easy to create a personal budget planner and stick to it. You can even learn how much money you should be making, how much will be left over and when exactly to pay each bill that you have due. These applications, also known as apps, can be downloaded for free on Smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of credit repair service and then consider using one of these top 5 free budgeting apps to make life a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

1.       Pageonce Money & Bills

The Pageonce Money & Bills application is available for download on iphone, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. Through this handy little program, you are able to connect all of your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, bills and reward programs for a complete overview of your finances. See how much you currently have in investments, be alerted when a bill needs to be paid, be aware of any debt that you may have and so much more.

2.       Mint 

Mint, an Android, iphone and iPad app, is actually one of the best in budgeting. Available for free download, this app enables you to store all of your financing information together for an easy to understand overview. Even create a family budget for how much you would like to spend on different things such as dining out, entertainment and unplanned purchases. Mint makes it easy to keep track of where your money goes. 

Available at: https://www.mint.com/
3.       Chase Mobile 

Chase Banking customers will love the flexibility and features that the Chase Mobile application offers them. One of the best features of all is being able to deposit a check by simply taking a picture of it. Pay your bills through this program and be alerted of any financial changes.

4.       Expensify 

Easily keep track of all of your expenses through the Expensify app, available for the iphone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and Windows phones. Link all of your credit cards to this app to view recent purchases. After making a purchase, take a picture of receipt for the information to appear on your expense. 

5.       Toshl 

Toshl uses cloud technology, and seamlessly allow you to manage your finances from your Smartphone or computer. Update your personal budget planner and transactions through an easy-to-use interface and take advantage of multiple user support.

Available at: https://toshl.com/

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