Major achievements of Apple’s Ex CEO Steve Jobs

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Major achievements of Apple’s Ex CEO Steve Jobs

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Steve jobs life in itself has been a fairytale. Born to a Syrian father and an American mother, Apple’s Ex CEO Steve Jobs was up for adoption, put up by his parents, and he was brought up by his adopted parents. His travel to India in search for peace, led him to believe in the teachings of Buddhism, and he became a firm Buddhist after his return from India. He even came back with a shaved head. However, the real turning point in his life came, when he began working on the game ‘Breakout’, a game, which he made along with Wozniak.

His success eventually followed him up, when he founded Apple along with Steve Wozniak and that was where the journey to stardom began for Apple’s Ex CEO Steve Jobs. Here is the list of major achievements of Steve Jobs.

  • In the mid 1970’s, Apple came out with a trial version of personal computer. It was created only for few professionals, and tech lovers. It was made in relatively small numbers.

  • A year later, Apple II was launched, with Steve Jobs at Apple’s helm of affairs. It was created in huge numbers and Apple II was considered as a successful product.

  • However, the first real commercial computer came with Apple’s Lisa computer in the year 1983, with many modern elements of computer designed with the product.

  • A year later, Apple’s Mackintosh was launched. The difference being that a graphical interface was attached to it. It was a commercial hit, because the company had promoted the product well enough. It was extensively advertised, and more importantly, Mackintosh, was cheaper than the earlier launched products.

  • Steve Jobs was thrown out of Apple in the mid 1980’s. He came out with NeXT computer in the year 1989. NeXT computer was involved in business development projects. But Apple needed Steve Jobs, as the company found itself in dire straits. The struggling firm again reinstated Steve Jobs back to its fold, by buying NeXT Computer. 

  • He came as Apple’s CEO in the year 1997, and transformed the fortunes of Apple. His first act was to design IMac a year later. It was an instant hit, as the all in one desktop computer featured advanced HD graphics, and quad core processors. The newly designed product lifted Apple from the clutches of a fall, and back to winning ways. It was the beginning of a new era for Apple, as the computer giant made great strides under Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

  • In the year 2001, Apple came out with a popular digital music player called IPod. The portable IPod was again the first of its kind in the new series of iphone’s and tablet computers.

  • Steve Jobs was simply unstoppable, and there was the new ITunes store two years later.

  • In the year 2007, the first Iphone was launched by Apple phones under Steve Jobs. It was one of a kind of apple phones, Smartphones, designed to enhance a user experience. Apple Iphones were an inspiration for many mobile makers across the world, and it is still now for many Smartphones manufacturers.

  • The final major achievement of Steve Jobs was the IPad in the year 2010. It was an invention, which made the world sit back and notice this man with a genius mind.

His retirement at a time, when Apple is about to launch the Iphone 5 says that his health did not permit him to work further. Though, he will sit on Apple’s throne at a different chair though, but his passing of mantle to Tim Cook, hopefully will bring new tides for the company in future. Steve Jobs, though, will become the chairman of Apple.

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