5 Ways to Lose Cash on Mobile Phone Bill

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Ways to Lose Cash on Mobile Phone Bill

1.       Using Too Many Minutes

The way many people lose money on their mobile phone bill is simply by talking too much. Phone companies charge astronomical fees once customers start going over their monthly allotment of minutes, and it's not always easy for a customer to track. To avoid talking too much on the phone, users of Smartphones can install applications that allow them to talk over the internet free of charge. Customers should also set their accounts so that they get sent notifications when they're approaching their limits.

2.       Charging Too Much Data

Data usage is not only expensive, it's also abused. With streaming radio services and video on demand, it's extremely easy to burn through a lot of data in a remarkably short amount of time. Upgrading to a more expensive data plan is feasible, but it's also extremely expensive. Luckily, almost everyone has an option: wireless internet. Wireless internet access is available in many places and is probably available in a customer's house and at work. Whenever possible a phone should be set to use wireless internet and all heavy data use, should happen there.

3.       Text Messaging

Wireless providers have been charging more than is strictly necessary for text messaging for quite some time, and it's only gotten worse. It can be easy to shoot well over a hundred text messages in a day without realizing it if you have a Smartphone. There is text messaging applications out there today that will provide a user to send free text messages, and these should be used with family and friends whenever possible. Most plans also offer unlimited text messaging now.

4.       Hidden Charges

A lot of people don't examine their monthly phone bill, but they should do. There are a lot of times that errors pop up and go unnoticed because no one wants to page through 40 pages of text, data, and voice data. People must always look at their billing statements because mistakes do happen all the time.

5.       Extra Features

Many additional features that are added on to an account never get taken off simply because people put it off until next month, or don't even notice that they're there. This is another reason people should inspect their bill and consider whether they actually need the service. As an example, many phone providers are offering a phone location service for an extra fee, but if the user has a Smartphone they already have that service through their phone itself.

Author Bio-

This article was written by Dixie Somers. Make sure you are always up to date on your phone bill.

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