How employers view Online MBA Degrees

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How employers view Online MBA Degrees

Online MBA programs were not always given a green signal by the employers. They preferred students who had studied in a classroom at a B-school. However, this trend is slowly changing as more and more professionals are taking up online Masters in business degree. Here are five opinions that employers have about an online MBA.-
  1. Format Of The Degree Is Not Important
Recent surveys have shown that employers no longer care about the format in which the degree was earned. It doesn’t matter anymore whether the professional who is sitting for an interview has an MBA from a reputable school or from an online program offered by the same school. What matters is the kind of their degree and how well they have done.

2.                   Accreditation Is Important

It doesn’t matter if you have earned an online MBA program. It, however, matters from where you have earned this degree. The school whose online program you had taken up should have proper accreditation. It should be accredited by distance learning council, the national higher education board and should be accepted worldwide professionally.

3.                   Students From Online Degrees Are Doing Well

The first thing that helped bring about this acceptance of online MBA is that professionals who have earned their degrees online are doing well. They have shown exceptional skills and leadership in their work front and have been promoted. Some have even gone ahead and become a part of the board. This has shown employers that if they take you under their wings, you will do well in spite of having an online degree.

4.                   Online Students Are Not Professional Enough
Employers initially felt that an online degree could not provide the student with an overall education. The degree is not just about textbooks, you have to go out and interact with people and learn from practical experience. A student, who sits at home and studies online, doesn’t learn the skills that a student learns in the classroom through face-to-face interaction and group work.

5.                   Professionals Have Practical Knowledge

The online program is designed specifically for professionals. This helps the professional balance his work and get an additional degree. This feature nullifies the claim that students do not get practical knowledge and do not learn skills since they are studying online. As a working professional when you pick up these online MBA courses, you can improve your work by implementing the skills you learn through your MBA program. This improves your qualifications.

The changing trend is fast catching up, but there are many employers of the opinion that a full-time MBA program is better than an online one. They still believe that students from these B-schools are better equipped than someone who has taken up an online course offered by the same school. Many employers still believe that they will hire professionals from an online MBA background, only if they have an excellent result.

Author: Brenda Lyttle 

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